Landscaping Personalities: The 7 Types of Gardeners

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Landscaping appeals to a wide range of individuals. As such, the types of gardeners one might encounter are almost as varied as the landscapes produced. Some landscaping personalities produce landscapes that are a joy to behold and the pride of the entire neighborhood in Orlando. Others are anathema, and the bane of neighbors and homeowner associations everywhere.

They type of gardener can easily be ascertained by taking a look at the landscaping on their property. If you are looking into purchasing a home, it would be wise to take note of which classification your new neighbors might fall into. A quick glance through any neighborhood can quickly illuminate they various types of landscaping personalities present.

The Weekender

The weekend gardener is, by far, the most prevalent landscaping personality. These individuals care for their landscaping and appreciate the value that it adds to their property. This group is comprised of average work-a-day individuals who don't have time to garden during their 9 to 5 work days and, so, tend to their landscapes on the weekend. Their hedges may get a bit unruly, due to time constraints, but their lawns are usually well kept. The weekender usually keeps a modest landscape that can be managed on a limited schedule.

The Busy Businessman

Like the weekender, the busy businessman keeps a modest landscape with every intention of keeping up with it on the weekends. However, unlike the weekender, the weekend never comes for the busy businessman. Their bushes get overgrown and their lawn get overrun with weeds. Time and trimming wait for no man.

The Unstudious Student

The student type is easy to spot. They have little care for their lawns (and are probably only renting, anyway). The only parts of their landscape that aren't overgrown are the parts that are withered and dead.

Injudicious John

On the other end of the spectrum is Injudicious John. This is the landscaper that doesn't know when to quit. What started off as a pleasing design quickly got out of hand and became a monstrosity. Their landscapes are more likely to generate a migraine than curb appeal.

The Old Man and the Seed

These retirees immerse themselves in their landscapes. Their lawns and gardens keep the active and provide the sense of accomplishment they once derived from their jobs. Every flowerbed is weeded and well kept, their lawns are generally manicured to perfection and there are usually a few tasteful flowering trees in the lawn, which they planted as saplings and lovingly nurtured to maturity.

Meticulous Mary

Meticulous Mary is very similar to the retiree, but with an Obsessive Compulsive bent. Landscaping is not a hobby for this person, it is a way of life. Every bed is artfully arranged and meticulously weeded, and her hedges are trimmed into perfect squares or spheres. You can generally tell this type by the watching them measure their grass to insure that it is all a uniform 1/2" and by the "keep off the lawn" signs.

The Supervisor

The supervisor may seem, at first glance, to be a retiree or Meticulous Mary because of their well kept landscape. However, they've put none of their own effort into their lawn and gardens. More often than not they are really a Busy Businessman type who actually cares enough about their landscaping to pay someone to do it for them. You can tell the Supervisor type by the crack landscape maintenance team waking you up with their mowers at 6 a.m.