Landscaping Solutions – Non-Terrain Related Issues

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When tackling a large-scale landscaping project, one is bound to hit a snag or two. The most common issues arise around problems with drainage, irrigation and shade. However, there are a number of issues that have little or nothing to do with the physical aspects of the property. These problems require their own, unique landscaping solutions.

Weed Problems

Dealing with weeds is an issue that will confront every landscaper at some point. Of course, if you have a lot of time, you can set about the task of manually pulling weeds, or using a spray pack to kill localized sections infested with weeds. Mulch is also a extremely practical way of curbing weeds. When used in conjunctions with landscaping fabrics, weeds can be easily beaten back to allow areas to be cultivated by desirable plants instead.

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Pest Problems

Not all of the unwelcome residents of a landscape are of the floral variety. Pest problems are a very real concern for landscapers. Once a pest population takes hold it can be hard to get rid of. Commercially manufactured poisons are the most commonly used means of pest control. A backpack sprayer and some pesticide can be the simplest solution to pest problems. Of course, not everyone wants to use dangerous chemicals where they relax and where their children play. For those hoping to avoid the use of toxic chemicals, there are also number of organic and natural methods of pest control such as using pest-resistant plants or neem oil.

Privacy Problems

Good fences really do make good neighbors. However, privacy fences need not be constructed of wood or stone. For privacy with a more natural feel, try privacy hedges or a screening trees that grow low and have a wide spread. Natural privacy screening may take a bit longer to cultivate than it would take to put up a 6 foot wooden privacy fence, but they afford a much more organic look and feel.

Scheduling Problems

Many people set about their landscaping projects with the best intentions. However, a hectic schedule can soon leave an individual scrambling to find ways to keep up with their investment. Without enough time to care for and maintain the landscape, the money invested into it is wasted. Those who want to reap the benefits of landscaping without having to invest the time and energy into upkeep would do well to explore other options, such as hardscaping.

Hardscapes don't need water, don't have light restrictions and never need trimming. Granted, most hardscape features require significantly more time and money to install, but once they are installed they require no investment of time into maintenance. Hardscapes are simply any non-living aspects of the property. Hardscaping encompasses everything from gazebos to decks to masonry and fountains. These aspects all add value and beauty to the home without the need for constant care. This makes hardscaping ideal for the busy homeowner who wants to improve the value and atmosphere of his property but is has other constraints on his time.