Landscaping to Increase Property Value

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There are few sure investments that are as likely to increase the value of your home as dramatically as landscaping does. Not only does quality landscaping raise the immediate property value of your home by 10-25%, but it also improves its appeal on the market. A properties landscaping scheme is the first visible attribute assessable to potential buyers. As you well know, first impressions are immensely important, and your Florida property's "curb appeal" can mean the difference between a quick resale at a higher profit, or a lengthy wait for a buyer.

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The first thing that any potential buyer is going to notice about your property is the setting. A barren landscape, with brown, patchy grass and little color isn't going to create a very good first impression. A disheveled or dying lawn creates an inhospitable aura and decay to the home. On the other hand, as luxurious setting with shade trees, plenty of greenery, colorful flowers and maybe even a few modest water features will appeal to the eye and create a warmer, more attractive atmosphere.

If we take an example of two virtually identical houses, one with a neglected lawn and no landscaping, the other with a well-maintained lawn and a professional landscaping arrangement, it's no great mystery which of the two properties is going to sell quickest and at the higher price. Think of your house as a portrait, and your landscaping as the frame that displays it. Taking steps to properly showcase your property can make a tremendous difference when you get ready to sell it.


A good landscaping arrangement provides a feeling of seclusion and affords privacy, even in a heavily populated area. Trees and shrubs can also provide an element of noise reduction, creating a more pleasant atmosphere around the home. This makes landscaping just as important a feature in densely populated rural settings as it does in the more sprawling suburbs. Just because a property isn't large enough to support an elaborate garden doesn't mean that it can't benefit from landscaping. Privacy fences and shrubs can dramatically increase the value and appeal of a rural property by offering a greater degree of privacy to the buyer.

Energy Efficiency

A well thought out landscaping scheme can significantly lower a home's energy bills. This is another excellent selling point in today's market. Besides the obvious benefit of reduced heating and cooling bills, the trend to conserve and "go green" is gaining significant momentum, making this a doubly appealing aspect.

Properly arranged trees and shrubs can reduce a house's overall energy consumption for heating a cooling by as much as 25%. In the Summer, trees provide shade which can reduce the temperature of surrounding areas by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter, properly positioned windbreaks such as trees, shrubs and fencing can shield the house from cold winds that sap away heat.

Whatever the geographical setting of a property, landscaping provides a relatively inexpensive means of improving its value and marketability. It is a good rule of thumb to invest 10 percent of your properties value into landscaping. Doing this vastly increases your chances of not only being able to sell your home quickly, but being able to do so for a substantially higher price.