Three Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Healthy

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The summer season can be a hard time for everyone from keeping the lawn watered to checking to see if it?s time to lay down any fertilizer. Orlando sod removal is a great option to keep your lawn healthy or get started on growing one. Once you have your sod in place through what?s the best way to maintain it without having to work harder, but smarter?

1) Cutting the Grass Correctly

lawn careWhen sod installation is laid out there are benefits to having a lawn that isn?t widely known by a lot of homeowners. Keeping a lawn can help to keep your house cool since it releases large amounts of oxygen. The grass is also able to trap dust and debris floating in the air which can help your home to stay cleaner and the air around it cleaner as a result.

When it comes to cutting the grass most people tend to do it incorrectly if they haven?t done the proper research. The most you ever want to cut off the grass is one-third of it since at the top the leafy stalks are the fastest to decompose. You?ll want to leave these clippings on the ground since they provide the grass with about a third of the nitrogen they need to grow helping you to save on fertilizer. You?ll also want to check the blades on your lawn mower are properly sharpened so they?re actually cutting the grass, not shredding it. Dull blades shred grass which damages it and you can tell it?s a problem when the tops of the blades of grass are turning yellow. Damaged grass takes up more nutrients to heal while a clean cut will allow the grass to recover faster. So sharpen those blades at least three times a year!

2) Watering

The other aspect people don?t usually understand once Orlando sod installation has been done is to water their lawn properly. Most people will go with doing several shallow watering instead of a deep one, but this is the incorrect way to do it. Light watering encourages a shallow root system which can be detrimental to the grass since it needs to be watered more frequently. Instead, go with a deep watering system instead where the grass receives about an inch to two inches of water is recommended. The grass is able to draw on the water that is 3-5 inches underground and over time this encourages the root system to go deeper.

Once you?ve had Orlando sod delivered home you can test to see if your watering system is up to the task by setting out a cake pan and seeing how much water collects in it. If one to two inches of water is in the pan you have a decent watering system, if it takes a long time to fill you may want to invest in a different way to maintain your lawn. Watering in the early morning is recommended since the water doesn?t have time to evaporate and soaks into the soil and when nighttime comes around it gives your grass time to dry out. Watering towards the evening puts the grass at risk of fungi starting to grow and infestations to arise.

3) The Time of Year

Sod costs in Orlando can be kept down if people know what they?re doing when it comes to maintaining their lawn. A well-kept lawn will eventually be able to keep out most weeds since there just isn?t enough room for them to grow. When weeds do start to crop up it?s best to deal with them immediately instead of giving them a chance to take root and to spread their seeds. You?ll want to use specialized weed remover for each intruder on your grass since it will help to not only remove the weed permanently but ensure it doesn?t come back for a second round.