LED vs. Traditional Lighting in Landscape Design

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Orlando landscape lightingOrlando landscape lighting denotes the use of outdoor illumination for purposes of nighttime aesthetics and enhancement. It's one of the best ways of creating an excellent aesthetic vision on your property besides being an efficient way of keeping intruders away.

These days, the industry associated with landscape lighting has changed considerably with the introduction of LED technology. If you're looking to improve your landscaped areas or outdoor features, Orlando landscape lighting is the way to go.

Our team of lighting specialists and professional landscapers will transform your outdoor areas into enjoyable hotspots. If you're torn between traditional versus LED lighting in your landscaping project, here's what you need to know.

LED Lighting

There's great emphasis on green energy today, so it's not surprising that building contractors and homeowners are opting for green-lighting forms. When it comes to landscape lighting, LED bulbs have become commonplace because of their energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. In particular, we recommend them for areas such as pathways and driveways. Here's a list of their advantages and drawbacks.


Energy Efficiency

We suggest you consider these lighting options especially for areas where the lights remain on for a considerable period. You might not think of landscape lighting when you're in your home, however; the lights that light up the porch and walkways tend to remain on throughout the night.

Therefore, you'll save considerable money on electricity if you install LED lighting. Furthermore, you'll discover that this option is more durable than conventional lighting.

Decreased Maintenance

Another advantage of Orlando lighting led is the decreased maintenance. On average, LED lighting lasts 10 years, and while you might incur high costs initially, you won't need to change them nearly as frequently as your incandescent lights.


Several of these bulbs feature a solid plastic covering; therefore, they won't break on impact. They'll resist vibrations, shock, weather, and are especially attractive if you reside in frigid winter areas. Furthermore, if you switch these lights off and on, whether as a party effect or Christmas display, you won't shorten their lifespan.

Less Heat

This lighting option generates less heat compared to incandescent lights, so if you have porch or deck lights, it could mean the difference between being overheated and comfortable.


Moisture Sensitivity

LED lightingOrlando lighting is more sensitive to moisture and water compared to halogen bulbs. Therefore, when water seeps into its housing, it can short it out fast. For this reason, we recommend you use premium fixtures to prevent moisture from affecting the bulbs.

High Upfront Costs

One of the greatest drawbacks of LED lighting is that they're costly. Although the price has decreased in recent years, they're still expensive compared to fluorescent bulbs, making them cost-prohibitive for certain people.


They're restricted to white light and this might not produce an ideal scenery for your outdoor landscape during the night. Furthermore, white light isn't ideal for outdoor purposes since it has a smaller coverage and reaches.

Traditional Lighting

Traditional lighting is well established and has a proven record in terms of reliability, quality, and money value. The options for this form of lighting include fluorescent and compact fluorescent. Here's a look at their respective benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of Fluorescent Lighting

Less Expensive

Fluorescent lighting offers cost-saving benefits among others that are worth considering. This is probably why this option has become popular among homeowners. One major reason behind its popularity is that it's up to 70% less costly to operate than ordinary lighting.

Furthermore, it's brighter. Another equally impressive advantage is that they generally don't emit considerable heat. This is beneficial in areas where excess heat can cause problems or equipment malfunction. Remember, extra heat caused by lighting could result in problems in the home.

Diffusers are available in numerous styles

This lighting option offers various light covers that can transform your space into something memorable, unique, and intriguing.

Fluorescent lighting is revolutionary in numerous ways and diffusers come in various designs, styles, and patterns. You'll discover they can add to your home's interior design, making your space more enjoyable and inviting.

Advantages of CFLs


You can use them in whichever setting and they're available in various shapes and sizes. Therefore, you can use them for recessed fixtures, ceiling, and track lighting.

Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

These lights will help you decrease carbon emissions, allowing you to protect the environment.

Disadvantages of Fluorescent Lighting


This is a great drawback, particularly among environmentally conscious people. While the element isn't dangerous when the bulbs are in use, it will be if you don't maintain proper disposal.

Disadvantage of CFL

They can't hold up recurrent switching

You'll decrease their lifespan when you switch them off and on very frequently. Therefore, you shouldn't use them in areas where you would need to turn them on briefly. Instead, you should use them where you'll leave them on for a while.

When it comes to landscape lighting, you must make an informed decision to attain the desired results. Fortunately, the professionals at Orlando lighting will guide you accordingly.