Longwood Landscape Design Experts

Residents in Longwood know how important a good landscape design is. It?s something that can help raise the value of your home as well as improve the aesthetics. However, some might think that watching a few television shows and taking a couple weekends is all that?s needed to create a great landscape design. Anyone who?s done it will tell you: it?s painful. You have to know how to manage the ground conditions, find the right plants in the right colors that can hold up to the Florida weather. And then planting everything...it?s back-breaking work that can lead to a disappointing result if it?s not done right. It?

s not worth the pain doing it yourself.


The right move is calling the professional team at Ground Source. We have a top landscape designer who?s already created many families? dream yard, and a team of experts who can install all of the plants and features of the yard. You are involved in the process; we listen to what you like, give recommendations for what will work best for your home, and create your perfect yard. We?ve taken many yards that some viewed as ?duds? and turned them into masterpieces with our landscape design and installation services.

Not only do we handle all of the planting, but we also install?pavers for pathways, driveways, and patios, build seating walls, and use recycled materials such as railroad ties to create special features for your yard. Sounds too good to be true? It isn?t! We do all of that to make your yard exactly what you want. Call Ground Source at 407-378-5366 and make an appointment to talk to our landscape designer today!

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