What to Know About Low-Maintenance Landscaping

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Having a new landscape added to your home or business property is an absolute pleasure. Whether the work was done by the homeowner or a professional landscaping service, ongoing care and

Low Maintenance Landscaping

maintenance is required in order to keep your property looking as great as it does on the first day it was installed. With proper planning, creating an affordable, low-maintenance, and attractive landscape around your property is possible.

Tips for Easy Lawn Maintenance
Some of the biggest challenges of maintaining a landscape for a home involve weed removal and prevention, proper mowing, pruning, and effective watering (having a proper irrigation system installed helps). For anyone who would want a low-maintenance yard, here are some things to consider:


  • Low-Maintenance Plants - With a little bit of research, you can find some attractive, yet low-maintenance plants for your property. There are many shrubs that don't require much pruning and other plant varieties that can be easily managed in planted beds.
  • Native Species - According to the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), having native plants is a great choice for your lawn. While having exotic plants can really spruce up a lawn, having native species are easier to maintain, as they will typically require less water and care. Native plants are already acclimated to the weather and climate conditions, which will ultimately mean that they will grow better and will be able to survive the elements, especially in Orlando with its frequent rainstorms and hurricanes.
  • Reducing Lawn Size - Lawn mowing is a rather labor-intensive task. Whether your property is large or small, adding paving and hardscaping to your lawn can reduce that labor.
  • Smaller Beds - One of the biggest challenges in maintaining plant beds is the ability to access them. By planting smaller beds, it is easier for your or for landscape maintenance services to reach. Smaller beds also require fewer plants and resources.

Conservation Techniques
In addition to what was lifted above, there are two other ways to easily reduce the labor and maintenance needed for your lawn: mulch and effective watering.

  • Mulch - Besides the look of having a fresh layer of mulch in your plant beds, mulch will also reduce weed growth and prevent water from evaporating quickly. Mulch can also be used to create pathways on your property.
  • Irrigation - Whether you use a soaker or a complete irrigation system, proper watering using an irrigation method will drastically reduce water consumption and brown lawn. Having an irrigation system installed will require a significant less amount of work in comparison to traditional watering and will ensure that your lawn is evenly watered. Your plants will get the water they need with less work over time.

While some landscapes will always require a significant amount of labor and care from landscaping professionals, having a low-maintenance and user-friendly outside area is absolutely possible with the right choices.

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