Maitland Landscape Design Professionals


A good landscape design is important to help raise home property values and improve aesthetics. Maitland residents know this, and some might think they can watch a couple of television shows and take a weekend or two to create their own landscape design. But Anyone who has actually done it will tell you that it is painful. After mind-numbing preparations and back-breaking work, you could end up with a landscape that just doesn?t work or you don?t like as much as you thought you would.

Why go through all of that when you can call the professional team at Ground Source to do the job instead? We have a top landscape designer who has created the dream yards for many families throughout Central Florida. Combined with a team of experts who can install all of the plants and features of the new design, you can expect the yard you want. The process is inclusive: we listen to what you?re hoping to see, give you suggestions and recommendations that go well in your yard, and create it from start to finish.

Looking at more than just plants? We also install pavers for pathways, driveways, and patios, build seating walls, and use recycled materials like railroad ties to add special features for your yard. And no, it?s not too good to be true. We do all of that work to give you the yard that you want. Call Ground Source at 407-378-5366 and make an appointment to talk to our landscape designer today!