How To Optimize Your Back Yard For Sports with Orlando Sod Delivered to Home

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Relay races and matches of strength and stamina have been a source of competition and entertainment, especially among the ancient Greeks. Since as early as 5,200 B.C. there are records of the Egyptian form of bocce ball where they threw polished rocks at a target. Since then, games in various forms have evolved and many are still enjoyed in our 21st-century culture.

In 1839, a young man, and future Civil War hero named Abner Doubleday invented the game known as baseball in Cooperstown, New York. What started as a fun game soon became a favorite pastime for Americans. Then, on November 6, 1869, Princeton played its first college football game. In the 1880s, however, the rugby game came to America and slowly transformed into our beloved American football.

Since a solid, level playing field is required for all sports, call Ground Source today to get your backyard ready for summer games. Offering free estimates and consultations on your project, we can have Orlando sod delivered to the home where we will come remove and install quality rolls of fresh sod so you can have the lawn you have always dreamed of. Let the games begin!

Orlando Sod Delivered

Ground Source gives advice for playing fields once you have Orlando sod delivered to a home

When it comes to optimizing your backyard for sports, it is important to have a flat, grassy space. The shorter, and more even the grass is, the better. Thankfully though, backyard sports are forgiving and the size of the playing fields can usually be adjusted to match the size of your yard. Games like football, baseball, and soccer generally require large amounts of space, but the playing field can easily be minimized to suit the yard. Games like bocce ball and croquet typically require courts that are 91 feet long by 13 feet wide and 100 feet long by 50 feet wide, but again, they can easily adapt to the space available. Corn hole is another game gaining popularity and requires little to no yard space.

Get our fresh, healthy Orlando sod delivered to a home

Orlando sod installationYou can smell and feel that our sod is fresh because it is cut the same day it is shipped to you. We get loads daily from the farm so the grass is not limp, dried out, or musty when it arrives. Not only do we deliver the sod rolls to your residence or business immediately, but we also include a care kit so your grass stays as fresh and beautiful as when it came.

Ground Source even guarantees the grass with a 30-day guarantee. If it was not installed properly or does not maintain its integrity after 30 days post-installment, we will come to fix it, free of charge. Perfection and customer satisfaction are important to us.
You pay nothing for us to come out to your job site and have a look at your project. We are experts who are licensed and will cover liability on your property.

Our crews service most of South Florida, covering Orange County, Seminole, Lake, Osceola, and parts of Brevard, Volusia and Polk Counties. We are compelled by the quality and are proud to be a leader of landscape solutions. Our many services include sod removal, sod delivery, landscape design, landscape installation, hardscape design and installation, irrigation, and landscape lighting design and installation in Orlando, FL. Our staff is all Florida residents, and trained professionals, who understand the weather, landscape, and climate of the southern area.

How does our Orlando sod removal process work?

First, we remove your old sod and will chemically kill off what is left of your old lawn so it does not interrupt the new growth of the fresh grass. For your quality Orlando sod installation, we will cut the sod with a sod cutter so everything is the right size and shape to match the layout of your property. Next, we will use track loaders to finish grade your property, giving you an even yard that will not dip or settle over time. Our Orlando sod costs are fair and we require no money down until you are completely satisfied.