Orlando Irrigation Installation: When Should You Install?

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There are pros and cons to installing an irrigation system during any season. As Orlando irrigation installationaficionados, we at Ground Source have decided to outline the installation benefits of each season.


Sure, the earth is a little harder because it's slightly colder. Fortunately here in Orlando we don't really have to worry about freezing ground. You may elect to schedule an irrigation install in the Winter while you are spending more time indoors. While irrigation installation doesn't take very long, you don't want to run into a conflict if you decide to entertain guests outdoors. Having your irrigation system installed by during the Winter months does mean you'll be fully prepared for Spring when everything begins to bloom.



Perhaps your flowers start to bloom, and your lawn looks a little thirsty even before the harsh Summer heat hits. Now would be an ideal time to install. If your lawn is showing symptoms that it is malnourished, you will want to act proactively before June comes, and 90-degrees days are a regular occurrence. This is also a good time to make sure a pre-existing system, if you have one, is in fighting shape. Replace malfunctioning sprinkler heads, and test your irrigation system for efficiency.


The Summer storms will only hold off burnt lawns for so long. If you don't have an irrigation system by this time of year, you better get on it. Orlando is prone to heavy rainfall in the Summer, but the storms typically only last an hour - if that. To ensure that your lawn is properly watered throughout the day, and capable of fending off the merciless Central Florida, an irrigation system is priority.


It seems like every year here in Orlando we say, It's October, how is it still so hot? Don't let preconceived notions of a season fool you. Just because the calendar mark for Summer has past, doesn't mean your lawn is in the clear. Orlando is at high risk for toasty Autumn months. Remember,even though temperatures will start to cool off heading into the Winter months doesn't mean you won't need to water your lawn.

If you are considering a new irrigation system, or an update to an existing one, make sure to keep Ground Source in mind. The only thing that Ground Source knows better than Orlando irrigation installation is the Central Florida climate.