Landscape Design Trends in 2015

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orlando landscape designIt's hard to believe we're coming to the end of another year. Major changes came to Ground Source, including the addition of new services making us a total outdoor services company. We have grown so much because of the trust that so many across Central Florida gave to us to create a beautiful yard for their homes, and we're glad we could touch their lives in such a way. With that, we're ready for what new and exciting trends to come with 2015, especially in landscape design.

  1. Planting for Privacy: We discussed this topic previously this year, so we've already given you a headstart to creating a landscape that maintains privacy. Using combinations of trees, shrubs, and other plants provide the outline of your own private garden. You could still have a fence, but this will definitely be up and coming in 2015.
  2. Edible Gardens: A trend that has been growing (no pun intended) for quite some time is that of edible gardens and urban farmers growing their own fruits and vegetables. In 2015, this will take another huge leap forward, and these gardens will be more common, especially among neighbors who share with each other.
  3. Outdoor Living Spaces: Forget buying plastic furniture for a concrete slab that represents your patio. With advances in technology, higher quality outdoor furniture, and landscape design, creating outdoor living spaces is a new reality. We can't bring you outdoor furniture or kitchen appliances, but we can help create the perfect oasis to put your own outdoor living room.
  4. Water Features: Think about how nice it would be to sit outside in a nice, comfortable chair, listening to the sound of water flowing. Whether it's a fountain or a pond, water features will be in this year. The great thing about water features is that there's one to fit all budgets.

That's 2015's plan for your landscape design. Now that you know, you can start making your plans for outdoor parties and get-togethers for the spring and summer by getting your lawn redone first. Whether it's getting some of these trends installed in your yard, removing and replacing old sod, getting your irrigation system repaired or installed, or chemically maintaining your yard or landscape, Ground Source can help bring your yard into the new year and maintain it for years to come.

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