4 Orlando Landscape Ideas You Have To Try

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Having a beautiful home or business that is clean, well-maintained, and inviting, is certainly a joy to see. But having that beautiful home or business surrounded by eye-catching landscaping can take its aesthetic and financial value to a whole new level. If you are interested in creating a landscape for your property, hiring professionals from a company that is experienced and reputable is the best idea. In Orlando, Florida, Ground Source has over a decade of experience in landscaping, irrigation, lighting, and more, for many happy and satisfied customers. We are experts on the climate and greenery of Florida and work diligently to ensure that your landscape vision is made a reality exactly as you want. Over the years we have worked on, and completed many landscaping projects. Here are four great landscape ideas to try.

Tropical Paradise Backyard

Orlando Landscape IdeasThis style of landscaping is characterized by lush greenery and plants with bold colors. Think palm trees, healthy green shrubs, birds with bright feathers, and hammocks hanging from the trees. Who wouldn't want to spend a lazy afternoon (or really any part of the day!) in this beautiful, calm space? This design would also incorporate a swimming pool with a natural appearance that seems to blend in with the surroundings. There could be faux boulders on one side of the pool with a waterfall or even a waterslide.

For hot summer days, adding a thatched roof patio cover would work perfectly with the tropical theme. Finally, you can choose to add some outdoor decor like tiki torches, fire pit, bamboo path edging, Buddha head statue, or anything else, to tie in the whole design and create interest. In Orlando, landscape plans are carefully discussed with clients and created by our experts at Ground Source. You know exactly how your space is going to look, even before any landscape installation is done.

A Modern Curb Appeal

A modern look in your front yard can look updated and stylish at the same time. Similar to a modern interior, the approach to a modern landscape is also minimal. Instead of placing a large number of flowering plants everywhere, think about a rock garden with river stones and maybe a couple of big boulders. You could place small, sparse bushes in between the rocks. Instead of a traditional grass lawn, you could add slabs or white stepping stones with grass growing around their edges.

This adds a minimal yet stunning design to your yard. Lighting has a very important role to play in a modern yard. It not only illuminates with a soft glow but also adds beauty. Some trees can be planted in the yard that sits inside of circular wells dug in the soil and edged with steel rings. Lighting could be added in these wells to give a stunning effect at night. In Orlando landscape design for the front of house using a modern approach would look beautiful!

A Vegetable Garden

Making your yard look good while growing your own food seems to be a fantastic idea, doesn't it? And it is because not only do you get the freshest of vegetables and herbs, it is not very difficult to grow! Depending upon the size of your yard, you can have just a few beds or more to grow different varieties of vegetables. While growing in the summer may be hard, you can use the fall and spring seasons to grow peppers, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, peppers, broccoli, cabbage, kale, dill, basil, and many others. Just stick with whatever grows best in your yard and whatever you have time for- there are no rules here.

An Inviting Front Yard

With just a few beautiful elements, you can create a truly welcoming front yard that your guests will admire. A small winding pathway with stone edging, lots of small flowering plants, well-maintained lawn, a fountain, low lighting, and you are all set to impress! You can also add any outdoor decor you like.

These are just four great ideas for Orlando landscape design. At Ground Source we can help you with any type of yard that you want to be designed and installed. Call us today at 407-378-5366 to find out how we can put our expertise to work for you!