Orlando Landscape Lighting Allows for Creative Outdoor Living Spaces

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An investment in Orlando landscape lighting is one of the best ways to make your home more comfortable, functional, and beautiful. Outdoor lighting could allow you to create the perfect entertainment area, light up your key pathways, or you could even get creative with full smart home integration and remote-controlled lighting.

If you're looking for the best lighting ideas, then it's time to explore your options with the Orlando landscape lighting specialists.

Advanced Orlando Landscape Lighting Solutions That Improve Your Home

If you feel like your home is missing the wow factor outdoors, then it would be a good time to invest in Orlando lighting LED kits. The use of outdoor lighting has long been a way to make your home more comfortable, functional, and presentable.

Whether you need to light up a driveway, key walkways, or large outdoor entertainment areas, you can get the best Orlando lighting ideas from the professionals at Ground Source.

We Use Luxor Orlando Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Orlando Outdoor LightingWe are proud to supply the Luxor lighting system from FX Luminaire. This system has been designed to provide versatility and functionality for any outdoor lighting scenario. Luxor is a truly modern solution that takes advantage of the latest technology to bring out the best in your home.

It all starts from the Luxor control unit, which can be installed in a central location of your home to provide complete control over your outdoor lights. Orlando lighting LEDs are RGBW, which means that you can get complete control over the color, saturation, and the intensity of your outdoor lighting. When Christmas approaches, you won't have to install special holiday lighting, because you will be able to choose the perfect color ambience for all your outdoor areas. RGBW lighting is the only true way to get almost every hue on the visible spectrum without having to change bulbs or install complicated lighting setups.

When you choose Ground Source to install your Orlando landscape lighting, you can also get the advantage of both remote control and smartphone-controlled lighting. Through a simple application, you could change light colors, intensity, and set schedules for your outdoor lighting. If you're having a special evening with friends and family then you could completely override your standard settings, allowing you to set the tone for an enjoyable evening with the people who matter most to you.

In addition to working with specialized LED lighting, the Luxor system can also integrate with your existing low voltage and line-voltage light fixtures, giving you complete smart home integration for your lighting system.

The future of lighting is now here, and we can help you to bring a creative vision to your outdoor areas.

Increase Security and Safety with Orlando Landscape Lighting

Orlando Outdoor LightingYou won't just make your home look better when you choose to install Orlando outdoor lighting and path lighting. Two other key benefits include increased security and increased safety.

When looking at creative design ideas with Orlando lighting kits, you should consider how the installation could be used to increase safety. Lighting up a pool area, keeping walkways safe with Orlando path lighting, or simply having a well-lit outdoor dining area could all help to make your home safer.

Well-lit areas can reduce the chances of falls, trips on garden decorations, or slips on wet or damp areas around pools and water features. Many of the hazards that are invisible in the dark can be safely illuminated when you use Orlando outdoor lighting.

Your installation of Orlando landscape lighting could also improve security on your property. Opportunistic thieves are less likely to target homes that are well lit and prominent from the street side. You'll feel more comfortable in your home when you have a very bright theft deterrent around your outdoor living areas. Guests will also feel safer when they are staying in your home if it is well lit outside.

The use of remote control lighting kits can be used so that you can quickly illuminate outdoor areas if you are alerted to a noise or suspect any kind of activity outside your home.

Investment in Orlando lighting kits will be a critical aspect of making your home safer and more secure.

Talk to a Team of Orlando landscape Lighting Experts

Our team of Orland outdoor lighting experts can help with everything from a simple lighting solution, right up to a complete installation of outdoor safety, security, and entertainment lighting.

The best accessories, lighting systems, and cutting-edge technologies mean that you can get the most beautiful and creative landscape lighting for your home today. Talk to Ground Source to bring out the best of your outdoors with advanced lighting systems.