Use Orlando Lighting Kits to Create the Ultimate Front Walkway

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As homeowners, we work diligently to choose distinct trees, plants, flowers, and shrubs that make our home's exteriors and landscaping welcoming and beautiful. However, we frequently overlook one element of landscaping; Orlando landscape lighting.

Without properly placed and selected landscape lighting when night falls, the beautifully placed and planned landscape design actually disappears. Fortunately, you can capitalize on your investment with Orlando landscape lighting that adds to your curb appeal's beauty.

Remember, walkway lighting is a vital way to welcome family and friends. You'll discover path lights provide safety enhancement by lighting up dark walkways that could result in hazardous falls. Furthermore, they're an easy way of improving curb appeal. If you don't know where to start, check out our Orlando lighting ideas.

Use LED Lighting for Durability

Orlando landscape lightingThe two most popular lighting choices for landscapes are LED and halogen. Although halogens were previously the go-to source for lighting landscapes, the durability and versatility of LEDs are fast making them the top choice.

You'll discover Orlando lighting led offers various benefits. For instance, LED lighting provides long life. Therefore, you won't need to worry about changing the bulb every couple of months. Another benefit of LED lighting is durability.

After all, they're designed to withstand vibrations, shock, and all types of inclement weather. If you wish to do something distinct with your landscape lighting, they're the ideal choice.

They have the flexibility that other light sources lack and you can dim or brighten them depending on your taste. This gives you room to generate intricate lighting effects and additional subtlety layers.

Maintain Consistency

If you mix various fixture styles between your mounted fixtures, path lights, and spotlights lampposts, the general landscape may appear disjointed. Remember, the lights should disappear into their environs. While they must be beautiful to examine up close, they should seem coherent from the street view.

Consider Lanterns for Lighting the Way

If embedded lights appear too contemporary for your taste, take a different direction. If you place lantern at irregular intervals, your walkway will have the needed illumination without a cookie-cutter appearance. You could replace them with luminarias throughout the holidays.

Such lanterns can provide the same function as the ordinary off-the-shelf walkway lights. Alternatively, if you don't wish to invest in new wiring, simply put battery-operated lights in every lantern.

Position Your Lighting at Night

When you position your lighting during the day, you won't obtain a full understanding of how the shrubs, bushes, trees, and other elements cast shadows. Furthermore, you face the risk of light misplacement or shining light into your home's door or window, for instance, yet you intended for a softer highlight of your house's exterior.

Choose Lighting that Blends or Matches Well

We recommend you choose lighting that blends or matches well with its environs or your home's architectural style. Bear in mind that the lighting's effects should be virtually subliminal. The last thing you want is path or lantern light that distracts from its environment beauty.

Establish How You'll use Your Outdoor Space before Starting Your Design

Before you develop your lighting design, begin with the outcome you seek when lighting your space. You need to know whether your goal is to light up patios and pathways to prevent falls or slips when walking to your home or illuminate your backyard space for weekend entertainment. Having objectives for your lighting ensures you cover all your basic elements.

Light up the Walkway from Above

Not every walkway requires embedded lights or lights located along the path's sides. If you're considering something unexpected, consider the upward position. Keep in mind that it's not mandatory you light a walkway from below. With string solar lights, you can produce an arbor effect over the walkway. You'll require reinforcements for stringing the lights. Alternatively, if you have taller vegetation, depend on that to suspend the lights.

Set the Lighting to Timers

If you're busy like most homeowners, the last thing you want is spending precious time turning your lighting on during the night and off in the morning. Set your lighting to timers instead and your home will look beautiful 24 hours daily with negligible effort on your end.

Select Appropriate Wattage

Choosing the suitable wattage for your project could have a considerable effect on the lighting outcome. Avoid high-wattage bulbs that produce a harsh feel and opt instead for lower-wattage bulbs for a more stylish appeal.

If you're in the market for lighting your walkway but don't know where to start, we'll help you with your home project.