Orlando Sod


Orlando Sod

If you are a homeowner, you probably want to have a beautiful property with a beautiful, lush lawn. Having a nice lawn helps to increase the value of your property. At Ground Source we make it easier for properties to have stunning lawn by supplying and installing lush green Orlando Sod. Once you call us for sod, we will come to your place and make sure that you get a beautiful looking lawn in a short period.

What is Sod?

Simply put, Orlando sod is grass that has already been planted. Sod is also known as turf grass and is often sold in sections consisting of grass held together by various materials including roots. Many homeowners prefer to have sod in their lawns because it is lush and grows evenly.

What are the Main Uses of Sod?

The primary use of sod is to establish a lawn within a short time. Sod is particularly useful in areas of the lawn where grass seedlings would be much costly to plant. Ground Source has been engaged to plant Orlando sod on hillsides and new construction to prevent soil erosion. Some homeowners even use our turf as a roofing material because it improves cooling.

One of the easiest ways to increase the value of a property is by landscaping. However, the use of our sod goes beyond its appearance.

Orlando sod helps homeowners to establish lawns in a reasonably short period. In addition, turf helps to minimize soil erosion and improves cooling. A significant benefit of sod is that it improves air and water quality in the areas where it is planted.

How Much Does Sod Cost?

Sod is often sold in rolls that may cost between 28 and 45 cents per square foot. The type and amount of sod you want determine its overall cost. Planting sod on a 2000 square foot lawn may cost between $500 and $900. The trained professionals at Ground Source can help you choose the best sod to plant on your property depending on your needs and budget.

The type of sod you decide to plant on your property determines the overall cost. Ground Source often offers discounts to homeowners who buy sod from our nurseries.

One of the cheapest types of sod is Fescue, while one of the most costly is Bermuda. Zoysia and St. Augustine sod are moderately expensive. Check in with the Ground Source farm to get a more accurate estimate for your project.

How much is Pallet Sod?

The cost of pallet sod ranges between $120 and $300 per pallet.

How Long Do I Have To Stay off of New Sod?

It is advisable to wait for at least two weeks before stepping on your new sod.

The idea is to allow the new sod to take root before you can start using it regularly. To check root development, gently lift one corner of a piece of turf. If there is little or no resistance, then the roots have not adequately developed. Repeat the same procedure on pieces of sod in different areas of your lawn.

Planting sod can increase the value of your property significantly. At Ground Source, we have quality Orlando sod in our nurseries. Stop by for a quick estimate.