Unique Benefits of Orlando Sod Installation

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Orlando Sod Installation

Having healthy Orlando sod delivered to your home can offer you many benefits. While you probably think of sod primarily for its aesthetic landscaping benefits, there are several other key advantages that are offered, all of which make compelling reasons to have Orlando sod delivery to your home.

If you need sod delivery and installation, but you've been looking for that one reason to help you make your decision, then this is the guide for you. We'll look at how sod can benefit your property, why it's an excellent investment, and how you can get the highest quality sod delivered and installed in your home in Central Florida.

Orlando Sod is the Easiest Way to Establish a Lawn

Orlando Sod InstallationThe first and most obvious benefit is the fact that sod is the easiest way to establish a lawn. When you want a beautiful home with lush green grass, sod is a nearly instantaneous way to achieve it.

We spend up to a year growing sod to ensure that it is healthy, free of any form of lawn disease, and ready to be installed outside your home. We take away the guesswork of planting grass, you won't have to research how to care for a lawn from its earliest stages, and you won't need to worry about patches of uneven growth.

With Orlando sod delivery, you can have a beautiful, fully grown, and healthy lawn within a day. Whether you choose a DIY installation or our professional service, there's no easier way to get the lawn that your home deserves.

Sod is More Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Than Seeding

Efficiency is another reason to choose Orlando sod installation for your home. If you were to start a lawn from seed all the way up to full growth, it could take you an entire year. You would have to watch for lawn disease that could leave you with dead spots and poor growth, and you would also have to consider erosion that could occur before the grass was fully grown.

You would also use a significant amount of water during that first year, which would raise your bill.

When you purchase sod, you eliminate all these issues, and you'll also be doing the environment a favor. Sod is grown in the most efficient conditions possible, with the least possible amount of water. Nutrients are used to promote grass growth, and virtually every square foot of sod that is grown is then harvested and used on properties just like yours.

Prevents Erosion and Improve Your Environment

Orlando sod installation will help to protect your property while beautifying it. A layer of healthy sod will prevent erosion. This, in turn, will prevent runoff and general untidiness following rain and storms. By preventing erosion, you will keep your landscape intact, and you will retain the value of your home.

Orlando sod deliveryOrlando sod will also help to keep the temperature down around your home, which can make outdoor living more comfortable. Whether you are entertaining or relaxing with family, sod could reduce ambient temperatures significantly. A green lawn on a hot day will be up to 15 degrees cooler than bare soil or clay. Compared to paving stones, concrete, rock, and asphalt, a green lawn will be up to 30 degrees cooler.

As if all this wasn't enough to explain why sod is such a great investment, there are still more benefits that are offered:

  • Sod absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen.
  • Grass filters dirt and debris, reducing dust and airborne allergens around your home. You could literally breathe easier thanks to Orlando sod installation.
  • Sod can reduce unwanted noise outside and even inside your home. The grass and soil will absorb and reduce noise from vehicles, garden machinery, and other sources.

It's Clear That Sod Orlando is Perfect for Your Home

Whether you want to perform a DIY installation with the healthiest, greenest, and most attractive sod available, or if you want complete Orlando sod installation, the team at Ground Source has you covered. We offer care kits for Orlando sod delivery, or we can give you a complete turnkey solution for installation.

Contact us today to learn more about the best sod for your home, and you can even take advantage of free on-site evaluation, giving you complete confidence that you're getting the best lawn for your money!