Bring Your Lawn to Life Right Now with Our Sod Installation Service

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For numerous homeowners, the thought of waiting for the appropriate time to seed, water, and care for a lawn while hoping that the grass will ultimately spring up is too much to tolerate. For such people, Orlando sod installation is the ideal solution.

Lush grass is an indication that you take pride in your property and the feel and sight of green grass is a comfort to your friends, family, and pets. Besides being a faster way of getting your lawn to look green, sod offers these other benefits as well.

Instant Lawn

Orlando Sod InstallationSod converts a bare ground patch into a grass-covered lawn once you finish the installation. With our Orlando sod delivery, you obtain the immediate satisfaction of gaining a green yard. Remember, a seeded lawn needs numerous weeks before your grass grows in.

You'll also discover a patchy area during the initial stages of the growth. It's also important to note that a seed-planted lawn frequently has straw or similar as cover to enable the protection of seeds, leaving your yard looking unappealing.

Furthermore, a seed yard typically takes 18 months to grow while sodding is typically ready after two weeks, enabling it to a fast option that increases beauty to your home's outdoor space.

Therefore, if you lack the patience to wait for a seeded lawn, sod is a quicker alternative. This is a particularly great option if you plan to sell your home in the future.

Ease of Installation

The comparative ease of sod installation can't be overstated. In comparison with seeding, the installation of sod is more convenient. In days, our team will convert your barren yard to a perfectly maintained and breathtaking lawn. Although seeding will equally do the same, be prepared to wait.

Less Irrigation

Once we install sod on your property, you'll discover it needs less maintenance compared to grass seed. Although sod requires regular irrigation to maintain moistness until it's firmly established, it usually won't dry out as fast, unlike a grass-seeded area.

Bear in mind that a seeded lawn at times requires four or more watering sessions daily to maintain a moist ground depending on the weather. However, sod typically needs watering one to three times daily, gradually reducing each week. The decreased frequency of irrigation will help you save water and decrease your workload when it comes to caring for your new grass.

Enhanced Home Value

A stunning lawn goes a long way towards enhancing your home's value. Even if you don't intend to sell it, the satisfaction you'll obtain from a lush lawn is invaluable. In the event that you decide to sell it, keep in mind that homebuyers will typically invest in an attractive house with aesthetic value. In fact, excellent landscaping can enhance your property's value from 15-20%.

Faster Use

A sodded yard is ready for use quicker than a seeded lawn since the grass is grown already. The young blades that appear from seeds are not only delicate but also vulnerable to damage. Consequently, walking on your lawn and using it for normal activities such as playing or entertaining may lead to dead or trampled grass.

On the other hand, sod has a head start when it comes to growth. After all, the roots normally become established in 2-4 weeks and while light activity is best in the initial 4-6 weeks, sod generally becomes ready for use sooner.


Orlando Sod InstallationIf you are like most property owners, weeding isn?t your preferred outdoor activity. If you decide to use grass seed, you'll need to learn how to enjoy weeding and you'll need to maintain vigilance to prevent weeds from taking over your lawn.

On the other hand, sod is highly weed-resistant and while it isn't a guarantee that turfgrass is totally weed-free, it's very close, particularly when you ensure appropriate care.

Soil Protection

Grass seeds rest above the soil, leaving them vulnerable to the wind and birds. There's also the likelihood that the soil will blow until seed germination takes place and the establishment of extensive grass growth takes place.

Sod is a thick mat of established grass. Therefore, it covers your soil completely, maintaining it in place. Additionally, the covered soil implies that you'll carry less mud and dirt into your home when walking across your lawn.

Sod lawns are increasingly becoming popular for numerous reasons, so if you're thinking of installation, you can request Orlando sod delivered to home for convenience purposes.