Sprinklers Vs Roots: How Do They Effect Your Irrigation System?

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It is always an annoyance when you realize that one of your sprinkler heads is getting stuck. This sometimes is because of how roots affect irrigation systems in Orlando. There are a lot of reasons why heads get stuck but one of the worst and most common is tree roots.

When your Orlando sprinkler system starts leaking it can be the beginning of roots damaging your sprinkler system. Normally, a small drip this isn't a problem, as the water usually seeps into the ground or evaporates, and all is well. We all know that roots are trying to "drink" water for the plant, and sometimes the root can seek out the extra water and grow in that direction. When the root finally gets to the sprinkler it can grow under, around, over, or even through the sprinkler system. This can cause a plethora of different problems that can get worse over time, and cause massive damage costing you tons of money in irrigation repair.

So if you see a sprinkler head get stuck, don't ignore the problem and let it get worse! If you believe roots are causing damage to your irrigation system give Ground Source a call.