Orlando Sprinkler Installation and More Ideas for Beautiful Outdoor Living

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There are many ways to improve your outdoor living spaces and decor, whether its Orlando sprinkler installation or brand-new walkways. For many homeowners, knowing the best improvements that deliver real value can be difficult.

If you want to improve your outdoor spaces for your own enjoyment, or even if you want to improve the appeal of your home for a future sale, the following are the best options that deliver great value at a reasonable cost.

Plant Trees for an Investment that Grows Over Time

Properties with less lawn area and more trees are trending today. Lawns, while extremely beautiful, can require a lot of care and maintenance, particularly if you are raising a lawn from seeds. Instead of covering most of your property with grass, consider using more pavers and planting trees at some select locations. Younger trees are perfect as you can watch them grow over the lifetime of your home, and with the right care, the tree will only become more beautiful with age.

Orlando Sprinkler Installation for Better Gardens and Lawns

If you have lawns, flower beds, and young trees, then you'll need an efficient irrigation system. If you're in Central Florida, then Orlando sprinkler installation would be a great investment. Professionals can design you a system intended for long-term use, with high-quality pipes, drainage, sprinkler heads, timers, and even rain detection sensors to make sure that the system works efficiently during the rainy season.

If you have an existing system and need Orlando sprinkler repair, then make sure you call in the professionals sooner rather than later. A poorly functioning system could be wasting water, raising your utility bill, and could even be causing damage to your property.

Incorporate a Water Feature

Orlando Sprinkler InstallationIf you're calling in the experts for Orlando sprinkler repair or installation, then you could consider adding a water feature at the same time. It makes sense to design and install the piping and drainage for both systems because it will eliminate the need for any major excavation later.

Water features can add value to your home, but they also provide other significant benefits, which can include:

  • Attracting local birds to bring both life and personality to your outdoor areas. Birds can also help to aerate your soil, allowing for a healthy lawn.
  • A water feature is a great sound dampener for ambient noise. A flowing water feature, such as a fountain or waterfall, can also provide its own soothing sound which is preferable to background noise pollution from vehicles, neighbors etc.
  • Ambient temperatures can be reduced by up to 25 degrees around large water features. In the warm Florida weather, this is a benefit the whole family will appreciate.
  • A professionally designed and well-maintained water feature could increase property value in some cases. Even if your feature doesn't directly impact the valuation of your home, it will make your property more desirable and could reduce time on the market.

Expand Living Spaces to Outdoor Areas

Outdoor living spaces should be as functional as they are beautiful. Investing in a landscaping service to create real living areas could give you new relaxation and entertainment options. Consider an outdoor dining area, a full outdoor kitchen installation, or even a simple paved seating area with a landscaped garden.

Garden pathways, flowerbeds, adequate drainage (Orlando sprinkler installers can help), or even fresh sod installation could make your backyard feel more like an exclusive resort.

Invest in Landscape Lighting

Another simple but cost-effective improvement is landscape lighting. With modern technology, you could have efficient LED lighting that minimizes power consumption while providing the perfect amount of illumination for your needs. Mood lighting, full path lighting, or even decorative lighting around garden features could completely change the atmosphere of your home when the sun goes down.

Both lighting and Orlando sprinkler installation can be combined into a single job to be more cost effective and with a quicker turnaround time.

Work with a Landscaping Team You Can Trust

Whether you want a complete landscaping service with custom designed gardens and living spaces, or if you simply need Orlando sprinkler installation and a standout water feature, it pays to work with a team that you can trust.

Ground Source is the premium landscaping, sod delivery and installation, and irrigation/Orlando sprinkler installers company in Central Florida. Whatever you want to achieve with your outdoors, an expert team can help you to reach your goals with an affordable service and low rate financing on most projects.

Talk to the team today for landscaping services that bring the best out of your home.