Orlando Sprinkler Repair


Orlando Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler system are essential for a healthy green lawn. Over time, the system can become faulty. For your sprinkler system repairs, always turn to our experts at Ground Source LLC. We specialize in repairing sprinkler system faults and leaks. Once you notice that your sprinkler system is not serving you optimally anymore, we are the ideal Orlando sprinkler repair expert to turn to.

What Are The Signs That Your Sprinkler System Is Leaking?

You understand just how important your sprinkler system is. When it is functioning optimally, it will help you to save time, money, and energy. When it has issues, it will lead to losses. One of the major issues sprinkler systems develop is leaking. While leaking can be obvious in some instances, it can go unnoticed in many other instances. These are the signs that your sprinkler system is leaking:

  • Some part of your lawn is unusually wet – if you notice that the grass is just too wet on a noon-rainy day
  • The concrete is wet – when you see a wet spot on your concrete walkway or patio even though there has been no rain
  • You notice that your water bill has spiked – if your daily use indoors hasn’t changed and your water bill increases significantly
  • You notice that water pressure has dropped – there are other issues that can cause low water pressure like supply problems and partially opened backflow valve, but serious leak can also cause the problem
  • Mold and mildew on the lawn and fungus growth – when you notice mold growth on the grass or mushroom/fungus growth around your system or on the base of a tree near buried water lines
  • Erosion near the sprinkler head – when it looks like the ground is caving in or something has been digging around the sprinklers, a leak might be the cause
  • Some areas around the water lines are much greener – when it is obvious that some part of your lawn is healthier than other parts (too much or too little water can be devastating)
  • The sprinkler system starts spraying dirty water – when you are certain that the water source is not dirty but your sprinkler is spraying dirty water, it can be an indication that there is a leak somewhere.

What Is The Cost Of Sprinkler Repair?

The cost of sprinkler repair will depend on a number of factors including the size and nature of damage. In most instances, things like sprinkler heads will have to be changed and the number of heads to be changed will be factored into the overall cost. There is no way you can know the exact cost of repairing a sprinkler system until a professional visits and ascertain the level of damaged and what needs to be done.

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Did your sprinkler system suddenly develop a fault? Contact us today at Ground Source LLC. Our services are affordable and prompt. Our qualified Orlando sprinkler repair experts will check out the issue with your sprinkler and provide a fast, effective fix. Within short period, your sprinkler system will start working at optimum performance. We guarantee you excellent services.