Orlando Sprinkler Repair: What You Need to Know

A good sprinkler system can be responsible for making or breaking a yard. The first thing you need to know is that your system Orlando Sprinklerconsists of a series of lateral pipes that connect the sprinkler heads and deliver water throughout your yard. A system of this nature allows your yard to experience perfect water distribution, ensuring that you don?t end up with dry spots or flooded areas. The installation of an irrigation system often goes hand in hand with sod installation, and like all systems, it will occasionally need repairs. You can find qualified professionals by searching ?Orlando sprinkler repair near me.? Now let's take a look at a few of the different types of piping and what you can expect from them.

PVC Pipe ? The Most Common Type of Irrigation Transport System

Warmer climates see a lot of PVC piping in their irrigation systems, and there are two different rating scales to define their usefulness and function in your yard:

Class System- The class system is a measurement of the pipe?s operating pressure ? or in other words the highest amount of water pressure that it can withstand before it cracks or begins to cause resistance.

Schedule System ?The scheduling system is a measure of the pipe?s wall thickness. Ultimately, all PVC pipe has the same outer diameter regardless of their SCH, which allows for fittings to be attached and universal components to be used.

Poly Tube ? A Colder Climate Solution

This is not something that you usually see installed in a place like Florida, but the increased flexibility of poly tubes makes them useful in areas where the soil has the potential for freezing. ?These tubes have a much higher-pressure rating and push fittings ensure that they do not require clamps. This makes for an easier installation which is why many installers have considered their type of piping regardless of climate. Another great feature of the flexibility of poly tube is that it is not easily crushed or broken if a rock works its way to the surface and pushes against the tube. Additionally, you can install it next to a large rock without worrying about ground shifting.

PEX Tube ? The More Expensive Solution

If you want to go with something a bit more expensive PEX tube may be what you?re looking for. Often, this is a tube used inside homes as a replacement for copper pipes. The real drawback is that it has a thicker wall which means less flow capacity. Despite this disadvantage, PEX tubing can be used for irrigation laterals, even though the expense makes it mostly inaccessible to all but the extremely wealthy.

In the end, PVC pipe is usually the winner when one is trying to make this difficult choice, but having it installed professionally is key to success.

Professional Irrigation System Installation and Repair is Key

When you?re orlando sprinkler system repairlooking for Orlando sprinkler system repair near you, one thing is certain: you want a company that knows how to get the job done and one that has a good reputation. Here at Ground Source, we have been installing sod and sprinkler systems for over a decade throughout Orlando. Our knowledge and experience mean that we can have your system repaired in a matter of hours. We employ the best individuals for the job, ensuring that they have at least three months of field experience before they are even allowed to touch your irrigation system. This puts us far ahead of many other companies out there and has helped to establish us as a leader in the industry time and again. In addition to being experts in irrigation, we also understand the nature of Florida and can give you plenty of insight into how your lawn works in this climate. For more information, give us a call today and get your irrigation repair off to the right start. Remember: curb appeal is everything whether you are a residential homeowner, a business owner, or a landlord looking for new tenants. Let the professionals handle it!