Zoysia Sod

Many homeowners regard a well cared-for Zoysia lawn as the most beautiful option for a Florida

Zoysia, also known as Zoysiagrass, is one of the different types of sod that looks great in a wide range of
climatic and environmental conditions. It will require high maintenance to look its best but can thrive with
minimal watering and mowing.

ColorGreen all year long
Look And Feel

Thin, straight leaves
Lush, dense coverage
Fine texture

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Maintenance Level

Moderately high:

  • Monthly mowing
  • Minimal but regular watering
  • Fertilize monthly

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Pests and DiseaseSome varieties susceptible to:

  • Sod Web Worms
  • Florida Bill Bug
Usage recommendations

High-end lawns
Child play area
Golf courses
High-traffic areas

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Slower growth rate
Hard for weeds to grow
Very wear-resistant
to wide range of soils

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