Outdoor Lighting Has Virtually Unlimited Design Potential

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Outdoor LightingWhen planning your outdoor landscaping, it's not just the plants you need to be thinking about. Your lighting can totally change the look of an area, and make it something new and exciting. How can you accent your landscaping with outdoor lighting? There are endless possibilities. Here are some Orlando lighting ideas that you can put to use in your own yard.

Lighting For Safety

First and foremost, you're going to need safety in your home and garden. When using your yard at night, you're going to need lighting to help you see where you're going, and avoid any risks. For example, path lighting is vital to help you see where you're going. You'll also want lighting around the pool or hot tub areas, to help you see when navigating slippery areas. It's also a good idea to have lighting around any social areas, to keep them illuminated when you're entertaining at night.

There's also the aspect of home security to consider. Outdoor lighting will keep your home safe when you're not there. Strong lighting around entrances will put any would be burglars off, as they can be seen trying to enter your home.

Lighting To Illuminate Your Property

If you've worked hard on designing and creating your perfect garden, you shouldn't let the details get lost when the sun goes down. The right lighting can illuminate many aspects of your garden that deserve to be seen. They're great around water features, as the light reflects off the water and looks stunning at night. You can also place lights in flower beds, along paths, or even in the trees. Lighting your garden really is the icing on the cake when you've worked so hard on the landscaping.

Modern Outdoor Lighting Enhances Your Property

When you think of outdoor lighting, you probably think of security lights and solar powered lights that you can essentially plant in your flowerbeds. These are both important in your garden, but they're not your only option.

Thanks to modern advances in lighting, there's more to your outdoor lighting than you'd think. Firstly, you'll find that most lighting now uses LED bulbs. These use less energy, making them much more cost effective when it comes to lighting the yard at night. They're also more compact, so you can get more creative with how you use your lighting.

One of the best things about LEDs though is the wide range of colors that they offer you. You can have any color you want in your lighting, so you can essentially 'paint' your yard in all the colors of the rainbow if you so wish. On a smaller scale, you can choose the tone of your light too. Whether you want a bright white light or a warm yellow one, you can adjust the colors easily.

New Advances In Technology

Orlando lighting kitsOutdoor Lighting now give you more options and control over your lighting than ever before. You may have heard of 'smart home integration' for your indoor lighting, where you can control your lights from your smartphone or devices such as an Amazon Echo. However, what you may not know is that it can be easily translated to your outdoor lighting too.

Take a look at these modern lighting kits. They will now come with options for you to control them from your smartphone, so you can turn them on or off without having to move from your seat.

Your phone can do more than this, though. You can use it to select the exact hue you want your lights to take, or to turn on certain sections of lighting. This is great when you're entertaining and want to light the social areas of your yard, or select mood lighting that will set the scene.

Lighting For Any Mood

With new Orlando landscape lighting, you can do more with your garden than ever before. It's amazing how much difference how much a little lighting can make. Try buying a lighting kit today, and see how you can make your yard a much more inviting and exciting place to be. You can highlight your garden and show your guests just how amazing it can be.