Outdoor Lighting Keeps Your Pets Safe

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Orlando outdoor lighting Orlando outdoor lighting serves a variety of purposes, one of which is safety. In a parking lot, for example, would you feel safe walking to your car in the pitch dark? Probably not. Lighting and increased visibility helps to ward off troublemakers and criminals. The same can be true for animal.

If you let your pets run free in your backyard, there are two things you might want to consider when it comes to their safety.

  1. Is the backyard fenced in?

  2. Is the backyard well lit?


Of course a yard should be fenced in if your pet is going to be running around freely, but why does it need to be lit? While the answer may not be as obvious, outdoor lighting is just as important as a fence to keep your pet safe while they play outside. Here's why:

Outdoor lighting can thwart predators!

Orlando outdoor lighting Just like in parking lots, lighting can prevent predators and troublemakers. If you let your animal out into the backyard at night, flip the outdoor lights on. You may just startle some nasty nocturnal critter away, like an opossum or a raccoon.

Depending on the size of your backyard, and the number of outdoor lighting units you are looking to install, you may be concerned with how the install is going to affect your electric bill. More than likely, if you are using more electricity, the bill is going to go up, however there are ways to limit how much it increases.

Efficiency and Technology

Outdoor lighting is just as innovative as indoor lighting nowadays. High-efficiency bulbs, motion sensing lights, and solar charging lights are available in the outdoor lighting variety. Installing high-efficiency bulbs that are only triggered when a family member or pet walks by is a great way to keep the bill from getting out of control. Not to mention, if no one is outdoors and you see one of the motion sensing lights goes on, you'll know that someone or something is out there.

Outdoor lighting is another layer of added security for your home. And while it is not very fun to consider predators, and any threats to your family or pets, it is necessary.

More Than One Reason

While safety is one of the top reasons for outdoor lighting, there are plenty of other good reasons to invest:

  • Stay out later during the darker, winter months.

  • Keep summer barbeques going all night long.

  • Feel safe walking into your own yard at night.

  • Kids can play outside, year round, no matter how late they get their homework done.

Ground Source Orlando Outdoor Lighting

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