Oviedo Sod Installation

Oviedo Sod InstallationOviedo homeowners know how important a nice lawn is to their property value, as well as the general appearance of their home. Healthy and vibrant lawns raise home values, while taking the home?s aesthetics to new heights. If you know that it?s time to replace an old lawn, or you know that time is approaching, give Ground Source a call, and we?ll get you on the books. ?

Ground Source is preferred name in sod services across Central Florida, with expertise in both sod removal and sod installation.

When it comes to Oviedosod installation, you won?t find service much better than Ground Source. We have a couple of different varieties of sod that we can lay down in Oviedo, depending on your sod preference, as well as what?s healthiest for your yard.

Our focus is your satisfaction, and a healthy yard. Here at Ground Source we have even won a couple of ?Best Lawn? awards.

We also handle sod removal,removing dying, old and unhealthy sod prior to replacing it with a blanket of the freshest sod for miles. When we replace sod, it?s vital to account for the pre-existing sod, and anything underground that may have had a hand in its demise. Treating the ground before laying new sod gives the sod a better shot at taking root.

We want the absolute best for your yard, which is why we take precaution before laying it down.

Our Oviedo sod installation comes with a 30-day guarantee, just in case something ends up going wrong. Chances are you?ll be just fine, but we offer the guarantee just in case.

Call us at (407) 378-5366 for more info about an Oviedo sod installation today. Ask us about ourlandscape design andirrigation installation services as well.


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