Use Path Lighting to Create an Attractive Entryway

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Your home's exterior is the first impression people get, so it must be a good one. Making your home appear stunning throughout the day is never an issue. However, making it beautiful at night is a different story.

One area most homeowners overlook when it comes to illuminating outdoor spaces is path lighting. It's important you integrate good path lighting when lighting the outdoor area. Remember, a well-lit pathway will enhance your home's curb appeal at nighttime and enhance safety. Moreover, path lights can direct foot traffic flow, leading people to visual interest points in the landscape.

If you're wondering how to make your entryway attractive, Orlando path lighting will transform your pathway in no time. This guide also offers invaluable Orlando lighting ideas for your home.

Consider Style, Nature, and Color

path lighting Nature is the first thing you should consider in any area of your yard, particularly when it comes to path lighting. It's important that your chosen pathway light matches the rest of your yard. Therefore, any outdoor light must appear as if it belongs to the yard.

Your home's style should also influence the choice of path lighting. Numerous styles exist in the market, so capitalize on the wide selection available. If your home's exterior is modern, you can choose from the numerous contemporary pathway lights.

However, if your home has a Victorian style, numerous pathway lighting choices appeal to conventional styles. The fixture's material will also help you establish the best lighting fixture for your home. You'll discover that bronze is a popular trend that suits both contemporary and traditional style homes.

This material will endure various weather conditions while sustaining the pristine appearance as when you bought it initially. Titanium and black are also growing in popularity. You can use them both for modern and traditional homes. Just ensure you examine the style.

Although brass finishes can work well with your yard, avoid the finish unless you're willing to polish it often. When choosing a fixture, don't just choose from a photo without choosing the context in which it will be. Rather, take your time to picture it in the area you wish to install it.

Beware that a stunning outdoor light can unexpectedly appear appalling if it clashes with the home's color. Fortunately, our experts at Orlando landscape lighting can guide you accordingly.


Besides having a clear goal in mind, it's imperative you ensure you have a precise spot in mind for the placement of the light fixture. You'll want to ensure the size is suitable for the space-not merely in terms of fitting in the space physically, but in terms of how it will also appear upon installation and the amount of light, it will emit.

For path lighting, you want to ensure you place it in a manner that won't cause you or others to trip. Furthermore, it shouldn't obstruct the view of something you want your guests to see. When placing the fixture, you should also ensure that there's proper illumination of your chosen space.

You should also consider the distance between lighting fixtures during placement. For residential homes, 4-5 feet apart is usually a good rule for light placement. However, if the fixture is brighter than average, you can use your judgment and test out some distances.

Take care not to over-illuminate the pathway. The light produced from every fixture shouldn't be overlapping, and while some overlap is normal, it shouldn't be too much.


path lightingFinding the appropriate light balance for path lighting can at times be difficult. If your pathway is too dim, it can be dangerous and if it's too bright, it can affect your home's curb appeal negatively. Consider the factor that's most significant to you-curb appeal or safety.

If you're very concerned with the safety of people walking to your place, it's important to have lights with high illumination levels. On the other hand, if you're more concerned about your home's curb appeal, then brightness isn't a big deal.

To establish the appropriate level of brightness, you might consider experimenting with various "bulb temperatures," which refers to the color or hue temperature the bulb produces. Keep in mind that a soft or warm bulb will produce a more ambient and relaxing atmosphere whereas a bright or cool bulb will produce a more vibrant atmosphere.

Path lighting provides incredible benefits if you wish to enhance your home in an impressive way. While quality lighting can increase your home's value and make your place more enjoyable and livable, these strategies are necessary to generate the desired effect.