Popular Landscape Design Trends for 2014

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One of the best parts of living in Orlando, and in Central Florida in general, is that we often have great weather with lots of sunshine. This is why so many people in the area spend their time outdoors instead of cooped up in the house. Homeowners around Orlando are looking for unique and exciting ways to spice up their landscape design. To get those prospective green thumbs warmed up, here are some of the big trends for landscape design in 2014:

  • Here Comes the Millennials: the first thing to look at when looking at these new trends is the growing number of millennials who are now homeowners. The biggest switch for millennials is in the classic gender roles; women are working more and men are staying home with the kids. With women winning the bread and men staying at home, landscape design also changes with the time.
  • It's a Man's World: since men are staying home more, the landscaping reflects more of the man's realm. This means simpler yet bold designs, places to set up the barbecue grill, and outdoor man caves. We're talking patios with waterproof roofs rigged with electronic equipment. Remember: we're talking about landscaping, and that's the plants and trees and flowers. Men have their own tastes for those too.
  • No More Girly Colors: if men are ruling what their yards ultimately look like, the best place to start is with colors. Don't expect to see pinks and yellows and reds in the manly man's yard. These men seem to be gravitating toward more contemporary colors like blue and orange, and colors like black, white, and gray are on the rise.
  • Keep Things Sustainable: part of making the new landscape designs simpler is by making them more sustainable. The calls for low maintenance, drought-tolerant greenery, irrigation systems designed for high efficiency, and perennial plants are loud and clear. And to just put an exclamation point on the sustainable trend, throw in some edible plants as well.

So what do these trends mean for your yard? They simply mean that times change, and perhaps it's time to give your yard an upgrade. For Orlando's best landscape design and installation, contact Ground Source for your consultation and see what kind of new yard we can create for you.