Proper Lawn Preparation for Sod Installation

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Orlando Sod InstallationAt Ground Source, we are more than just professionals; we are experts in Orlando sod installation. We take our role as a leading Central Florida landscape design solutions provider very seriously, which is why we follow all of the necessary steps to prepare your lawn for new a properly done sod installation.

The first step to prepare for sod installation is to remove all of the old grass or sod. If your lawn was the victim of a disease, then it's key to remove the remaining infected remnants and treat the area before the new sod installation occurs. Even if your lawn didn't fall to disease, we don't want the old sod to interfere with the new sod. Remaining sod, no matter its condition, can steal nutrients and slow the development of the new sod, so we want to remove all of it.

Once your yard is clear of old sod grass (or if you're starting from a bare yard), then we have to make sure the soil is properly prepared. Proper soil preparation is CRITICAL to your new sod's successful growth. There are 4 things that grass needs to grow: sunlight, air, water, and nutrients; grass gets 3 of those from the soil. We specialize in checking your soil and making sure it's viable for new grass. If it's not, virtually any soil can be improved, and that's something we can help you with.

Once we know the soil is suitable for your new sod, that's when the work really gets busy. We grade, level, and treat the entire area. Even before laying down the sod, it's a good idea to treat the area with a herbicide to ensure no weed potential. Laying down a fertilizer before the sod is ensures the necessary nutrients are ready for the sod to be laid down. One other key step that we do is check your irrigation system. New sod needs lots of water over the first 4-6 weeks after being placed to grow. If your irrigation system has any issues, we've got some of the best people in the area for irrigation repair.

Once your yard is prepped properly, we're ready to roll out the sod. We have a whole team of highly capable and skilled workers who lay down each palette of sod with expert precision. On average, a whole sod installation job can take a few days, depending on the size of your yard and other factors. Obviously, larger yards could take more time, and smaller yards could take less. No matter how much time it takes, you still end up with a beautiful new yard and fresh new grass.

One last thing to think about: Ground Source is one of the few companies in Central Florida that provides total landscape design solutions. Included in that is the ability to install your new sod, and then maintaining your yard as your sod develops and beyond. How easy would it be knowing you have a single stop for all of your sod installation needs? Well, we've done just that. Call Ground Source to learn more today.