Rocking Out: Landscaping With Rocks

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The imagery can be serene or professional, it can be something out of a fairy tale or it can be very structured and cool looking. Any way you choose to use landscaping rocks, boulders or bricks in your project, you can do pretty much whatever you want with them to have whatever sort of layout you'd like. Using bricks, timbers, boulders, rocks or whatever medium you choose- you have a wide variety of options available when you are designing your own lawn or for business. Anything from borders to sculpture; the sky's the limit when it comes to this most versatile means of ornamenting your yard and landscape.

Landscaping with rock is usually a great idea because it is not only economical, but can also balance your landscape and your hardscape. Using rock looks perfectly natural next to any sort of living element of your landscape, whether a lava rock filled border to your flower beds and gardens, or just as an accent to existing plants, trees and ornamentation. There is also the option of using fake rock. It's lighter, for one thing. Utilizing fake boulders and rock in your landscaping, you can also custom order it to suit whatever your needs, whereas with the real thing, you get what you get and make it work.

Flagstone and decorative landscaping stone is also a little less severe than concrete itself- if you're looking to add a bit more charm to your hardscaping, you may want to go with flagstone or decorative landscaping stone, for your sidewalks and pathways. Using these, you can also make a very nice base for a decorative rock garden that has a little something extra, a little control.

Often you find this used to line the bottoms of ponds, fountains and streams to give them an added class and style. Also, using river rock for your ditches and drainage can turn a little trench in the yard in to something decorative and useful at the same time- a win win for anyone who has ever been faced with the "What do I do with that ditch?" question.

As well, as the popularity of firepits swells, many wonder if there isn't a more decorative way to do that- and there is. Using landscaping rocks, you can create a stone fire pit that lasts, or a base for your existing metallic firepit. Working with whatever stone or rock you like, you can have a functional gathering place around the firepit that is both warm and inviting, a relaxing get away in your own yard.

No matter what your project, you can almost always bring stone into the mix to brighten, to change the overall look or to add a stability that looks great and may be easier than you think. Being able to work with stones of any sort can turn a blah yard into a yard that is relaxing, inviting or unique and interesting.