Sanford Sod Installation

Sanford is a wonderful town Central Florida, with an awesome main street filled with nightlife, restaurants, shops, and arts. If you are living in Sanford or if you are only visiting, you will not have any shortage of things to do. Sanford is home to a diverse zoo, as well as well as a number of widely regarded restaurants, art galleries, and music venue. If you are new to Sanford, or a veteran of the town, Ground Source can tackle any sod needs that you might have. Ground Source is a trusted name in Central Florida sod services, specializing in both sod removal and sod installation.

In regards to Central Florida sod installation, it doesn’t get any better than Ground Source. We can install a few different types of sod in Sanford, depending on what type of sod you like, and what kind of sod is right for your yard. Ground Source sod has even resulted in a couple of different “Best Lawn” winners.

Ground Source also handles sod removal, helping to remove old, faded and unhealthy grass before replacing it with a sheet of lush and fresh sod. When replacing sod, it is important to remember to treat the earth before planting new sod in order to give the sod a better chance of taking to the ground. Ground Source wants the best for your sod installation. That is why we take precaution to ensure that your sod will take to the earth when we lay it down.

Our Sanford sod installation includes a free 30-day guarantee, that way if there is something wrong with your new sod, we will take care of it at no cost.

Ground Source is fully insured, offering personal service from step one, all of the way until completion. When you are happy with the results, and we have answered all of your questions about the sod installation. Ground Source doesn’t leave until you are completely satisfied and confident.  

Call Ground Source today at (407) 378-5366 for more information on Sanford sod installation today. Ask us about our landscape design and irrigation installation services as well.

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