Save Time & Money with Drip Irrigation

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We see so much rain in Florida that it?s sometimes hard to wrap our heads around the fact that water is a finite and dwindling resource. Even with news of the drought conditions in California the worst drought in our lifetimes we tend to take for granted that we have as much water as we need. After all, it literally falls out of the sky. All the time. Even if we don't want it to.


As irrigation experts, lawn and garden lovers, and generally levelheaded people, we're here to remind you that water conservation is up to all of us. No matter how much water we perceive to have. So, we'd love to sell you on the idea of drip irrigation for your home gardens.

Drip is healthier for your garden

Sprinklers lose water to evaporation, especially those that spray a fine mist. Drip irrigation waters your plants directly at the base at a rate the soil can absorb easily. With drip, you're eliminating most of that wasted water.

Advantages of drip irrigation:

  • Delivers water at the roots ? no wasted water due to evaporation or runoff
  • Water plants, not weeds ?driplines water just your plants, discouraging weed growth
  • Can be customized to each plant ? different plants with different water needs? No problem, even within one drip system
  • Keeps water off leaves ? helps prevent some types of fungus or rot
  • Requires little to no maintenance -- set it and forget it
  • Grows with your garden ? it?s a modular system, so you can easily add irrigation each time your garden grows

It's a hands-off system that waters more efficiently. You end up with healthier plants and more time to enjoy them!