Saving Money on Your Irrigation System

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irrigation systemWe don’t have to tell you how hot it can get in Florida over the summer. You see your neighbors and others out in Orlando trying to stay cool when the summer days start coming back. And they are coming back very soon. It’s important to keep yourself cool and hydrated, and it’s also important to keep your plants and lawn hydrated too with a properly maintained irrigation or sprinkler system. As always, the fear is running up your home water bill, but fear not of that as you can keep your irrigation system working in Orlando and not spending a ton of money in the process.

Consider checking on your own personal watering habits. It’s easy to just set your sprinklers and move on, but you could be wasting tons of water on your driveway or the sidewalk. The next time your sprinklers are running, step outside and see where they’re going so you know you’re not watering any concrete. You can also save money by running your sprinklers in the morning or at a time when the hot Orlando sun isn’t so present.

You could also consider recycling water. Several cities and areas around Orlando have reclaimed water that goes through their city irrigation systems, but you could also supplement this if you wanted. One way is to use “gray water” (or water that goes through your dishwasher or bathtub) to irrigate your yard along with the sprinklers. This means some extra work for you, but if you want to save a little bit, it can be worth it.

There’s making sure your irrigation system is up to par. Over time, your irrigation system, like anything else, can break down. If leaks occur underground, you could be wasting tens or even hundreds of gallons of water during a typical Orlando summer. Getting your irrigation system inspected and repaired can save you a lot of money, and that’s what we all like to hear.

But what if you want to really aim big? Like, not worry about irrigation running up your watering bill? Ground Source can do that. In most areas, we can install a shallow well and pump that can reduce, and even eliminate, your irrigation system from driving up your water bill. And for around $2000. There are many paths you can take, but this one is pretty nice.

Orlando days, especially in the summer, are too hot to go without watering your lawn. Following these tips can help you maintain a healthy, watered lawn without building up a huge water bill. Your lawn at your Orlando home deserves a nice wash from the sprinklers, and we’ve got professionals at Ground Source who can repair any part of your irrigation system. Our irrigation repair team travels in and around Orlando to keep your sprinkler systems working and keep your lawns watered nicely. Find out more by contacting us and we’ll get your sprinkler system running as it should.

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