Add More Functionality to your Garden with a Seat Wall

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A garden can be a gorgeous asset to a lovely home. Throw some seeds or pre-started plants into a flower bed and watch your yard's aesthetic value double (or more!) in moments. A pop of color, a fresh scent, and any number of beautiful wildlife bring the outside of your home to life before your eyes. However, the greenest thumbed landscapers will find themselves unsatisfied with just a couple plants in a flower bed.

A Serious Gardener's Garden

seat wallSome people take their landscaping seriously with cobblestone paths, koi ponds or manmade rivers and waterfalls, benches, flowering trees, and masterfully designed arrangements of flowerbeds overflowing with lively blooms. Some gardens may even have a section of edible plants, fruits, and vegetables to add practicality to beauty. What's more, some of the decorative elements of a serious gardener's backyard paradise can add functionality as well.

Every dedicated gardener has at some point read the book (or seen the movie) The Secret Garden and dreamed of such an Eden on their own property. Stone swing sets, flowering walls, intricate gates; this truly is the garden of dreams. Stylistic elements are available for purchase that can lend to this aesthetic while also adding functionality with the magic.

Landscaped Seating

A seat wall can add this kind of aesthetic opulence while adding functionality to your garden. A seat wall is simple but can add so much grandeur to a garden that you will be amazed, and your visitors will be beyond impressed by this gorgeous and relaxing outdoor sanctuary. A seat wall is simply a wall in your garden that can also be used as seating. You might build a low brick wall that lines the perimeters of your blooming beds and features a broad plate at the top that can double as a bench. You might build a taller stone wall draped in flowering ivy that produces a wide bench mounted a couple feet from the ground.

Still, other options include a bench that surrounds a fountain teeming with lily pads and lotuses, where one might sit thoughtfully accompanied by the relaxing sound of the trickling and bubbling water. Your koi pond may be surrounded by a brick and stone wall that serves as a bench. The stylistic and design options are endless with wall seating in a garden, and the beauty of its simplicity matches the beauty of its elegance.

A wide column of brick, encircled by a stone bench, in the center of a circular patio surrounded by plant life, can supply so many opportunities for beautiful seating. A mounted fountain may rest on either side at the bench level. Opulent carvings may line the walls at the eye level. A flower bed may be nestled at the top. Perhaps a curved wall set against the back of the garden provides shaded seating. A stone bench enclosing a flowerbed with a tree growing from the middle can produce a perfect shading reading bench.

Orlando Outdoor Living at Its Finest

Constructing a seat wall is a fairly simple endeavor; one might be able to build a modestly sized wall in an afternoon or a weekend. If you can dig a hole, spread a paste, and lay a stone, you can more or less build a wall. However, if you are not motivated to do so, lack the time, possess little skill or patience for brick and stone laying, or simply just want to reap the relaxing benefits of your seat wall without the work, you're in luck. We pride ourselves on our incredible craftsmanship and our dedication to making your stone or brickwork visions a reality.

Our brick paving installers in Orlando are highly trained and skilled, with an incredible attention to detail and understanding of how to make a dream come to life. We understand that the masonry of a garden can add a certain flair and feel that is much desired in a luxurious personal oasis, and that your vision coming to life accurately is of the utmost importance. We can and will guarantee your satisfaction with the finished product.

Call Ground Source for a quote and consultation today, and let's add beautiful seating to that yard!