Should You Install Your Own Irrigation System?

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At some point in time, everyone wonders if they might be able to save time and money in just planning a do-it-yourself sort of project. This is true when it comes to sprinkler and irrigation systems quite often, because it all seems to be a fairly straightforward operation. After all, if it is underground, simply install the water lines, connect the sprinklers and you're set, right?

That has to be more complicated than an above ground system, right? This is what some may think, but this is a commonly held misconception which usually ends in spending far too much money and then, in the end, calling in a professional. There are, however, some advantages to do-it-yourself irrigation, but only if properly done and planned appropriately. In either, there are many things that may play a factor as to which is better, and we'll go into some of those now.

Most professional landscaping and irrigation companies will do an excellent job. This is very true, and yes, generally this will be of much better quality. This is because professional landscapers and irrigation installers have quite a lot of training and practice doing so. There usually is not a fault with the do-it-yourself, apart from lack of experience and training. For the most part, also being business owners, professionals in your area are more likely to understand the various laws that may be involved, the safety regulations and what needs to be done, whereas these are all things a do-it-yourself would have to research.

There's no doubt that doing it yourself is cheaper if you educate yourself as fully as possible on all of those things, as well as the technical aspects of irrigation- and there are many. Though it is true there are many ready made kits out on the market now, if you're not abreast on what you need to be involving their installation apart from the manufacturer's instruction, you may find yourself running into a few problems.

Whether you choose to go with a professional or do it yourself is a choice that you have to consider based on a number of factors. Often, people do find when they get into the research of things, specifically the specs of their yard and the changes that need to be made, that they aren't really as ready to tackle the project as they thought, while others may find that it is a more straight forward installation and can handle it with ease. This is usually a big determining factor in which path they take because getting a bit deeper into the project they realize it was not as easy as they thought, or it was simpler.

Whichever option you go with, be sure that you are well acquainted with everything that both option entails and weigh the cost benefits accordingly.