Six Reasons for Tree Trimming

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After all the care that goes into lawns, flowers, and plants, it's tempting to leave the trees to do their own thing and grow freely. However, that's not always a good idea. Trees, like anything else, need regular maintenance.

Safety: You are liable for any damage caused by trees on your property. Dead and damaged limbs should be removed before they have a chance to fall. Falling branches can damage buildings, vehicles, and other property, or may cause serious injuries or death. Prompt action is required as soon as you identify a problem.

Tree health: Diseased trees can often be saved by removal of the affected limbs. The longer you leave it, the more the disease will spread. Eventually, it may require complete removal of the tree. Trimming is a cheaper and easier alternative.

Visibility: Overgrown trees can block signage. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are not obscuring road signs or other civic signage. For commercial properties, you need to take steps to ensure that you are not blocking signs to your business or neighboring businesses. At home, ensure that visitors and delivery personnel can see your house number.

Light: Trees that block windows can drastically reduce the amount of daylight that filters into the building. Did you know this can measurably depress moods? It's one thing to welcome shade, especially here in Florida, but it's another thing to never get a break from it.

Access: An overhanging tree can obstruct a pathway or driveway. Overhanging branches at head height can be particularly dangerous, especially in the dark. It's not just branches: twigs and leaves can strike pedestrians and cyclists in the face, potentially causing eye damage or other facial injuries. Low branches in parking areas can also cause costly damage to the paintwork of vehicles.

Shaping: Last, but not least, trees are often the statement pieces in a landscape. They play a big role in your curb appeal. Tree trimming ensures that your trees have a pleasant aesthetic that enhances your property instead of devaluing it.