Smart Irrigation Devices for Smart Irrigation Month

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Happy Smart Irrigation Month! During July we celebrate irrigation, and smart water usage. According to the Irrigation Association ( Smart Irrigation month serves as an initiative to increase awareness of the value of water use... and grow demand for water-saving products, practices and services.

Irrigation is one of the world's oldest living technologies. Rather than become obsolete with technological advances, like many technologies do, irrigation has always been in demand and continues to be innovating. From the Roman aqueducts to today's modern sprinkler systems, the evolution of irrigation is incredible.

Today there are a litany of irrigation devices to help you accomplish your goals, whether they are keeping your soil at a certain moisture level, or curbing water waste. Let's take a look at a couple of these smart irrigation devices.


Orbit B-Hyve

This relatively new timer from Orbit pairs with your smartphone allowing you to use the Orbit app to control your home's irrigation.

Retail: $99



Spruce items are on the pricier side of our shortlist of smart irrigation devices, but they are very popular. Currently Spruce is offering both smart irrigation controllers, and soil moisture beacons that communicate with the controller.

Retail: Controller starts at $164.99



Rachio just released generation 2 of their smart irrigation controller. The device seems quite sophisticated, and can work with Nest, the smart home security device. Like the devices before it, Rachio pairs with a smartphone app.

Retail: Gen. 2 Starts at $249.99


Plant Link

Plant Link is a soil moisture sensor that communicates with your smartphone, letting you know when moisture levels need tending too. This product is great for making sure plants are receiving the adequate amount of water.

Retail: Starter Kit - $79



The Hydrawise smart controller and app plan to help you save 50% on your water bill, by helping to control excessive water use. Control your zones, and receive reports on how your lawn is being watered.

Retail: Starting at $279