Just Moving In? Consider Having Sod Delivered to Your Home

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Sodding is one of the most common techniques of covering your lawn in thick grass. Sod constitutes individual pieces of dirt with full-grown grass. Orlando sod installation can then place the squares of dirt on your lawn and your grass will take root in the underlying soil.

These days, homeowners are seeking convenient ways of enhancing the look of their home and increasing its general resale value and curb appeal. Fortunately, sod provides numerous options to those who wish to do something different with their lawn that won't be environmentally harmful and will actually increase the property's value.

If you're among those looking to renovate your lawn, Orlando sod delivery will undoubtedly meet your needs. Here's a list of benefits you can expect from sodding if you've just moved in.

Reduced Lawn Maintenance

Orlando sod deliveryLike most people, you probably dislike the idea of maintaining your lawn on the weekends. Keep in mind that lawn care takes considerable time not to mention the toll it could take on your body. Sod eradicates the typical upkeep and frees up time that you wouldn't otherwise have.

While it's not complex, it's labor-intensive whether you select an expert installer or opt for the DIY route. Sod installation is a multi-step process meant to fit your current lawn, produce proper drainage, decrease odor, and maintain the grass's overall quality.

Once you have Orlando sod delivered to home, you can spend your weekends enjoying the outdoor space instead of maintaining it.

Decrease Environmental Impact

While decreasing your water use is excellent for your finances, it's also beneficial for the environment. Sod lawns typically last several years because some companies provide a lifetime warranty. Therefore, the amount of water you could save is considerable.

As droughts result in water limitations, sod is an excellent way of doing your part in conserving. A sod lawn not only helps decrease water use but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions from maintenance equipment and decreases the number of chemicals in lawns. As droughts generate severe water restrictions, sod is an excellent way of protecting your environment.

Easy Installation

The major advantage of sodding your yard is that it's not hard to install, and you'll effectively receive a lush, fully grown lawn once our professionals put down the last piece.

More Time for Relaxation

Once we install your new lawn, you can trade your mower and stop worrying about watering. You simply need to clear the leaves off and give it a rapid spray and brush. Alternatively, you could simply contact our experts and we can give it a makeover.

A Sod lawn is healthier since it enjoys regular fertilization, the best soil, and ample watering for the strong development of roots. This explains why the initial Orlando sod costs are more and why a sod lawn is a strong foundation for a stunning green lawn for several years.

Decreases Erosion

Since sod is fully-grown and comes with its dirt layer, its installation could help prevent and decrease soil erosion, which could be a serious issue for any landscaping project.

Additionally, it can help prevent dust from emerging from a dirt yard and spreading throughout your home and adjacent area, another principal aesthetic consideration.

Excellent for Landlord and Tenants

Orlando Sod InstallationNatural grass typically causes problems in the rentals. Renters might worry about water expenses and the idea of mowing a lawn that isn't theirs. However, as a landlord, you want the place to be in a good condition. As a result, a sod lawn is an excellent solution for both parties.

No Weeds

Sod doesn't come with weeds because the grass undergoes careful cultivation and the elimination of other seeds and plants takes place before the sod is up for sale. This can help preserve your lawn quality in the long term because you'll perform less weeding for grass protection.

Environmental Cooling

An important environmental benefit of sod is that it can provide environmental cooling, particularly the ambient air. In urban environs, this helps counteract the greenhouse effect. Throughout the hotter months, it helps cool your home, enhancing indoor comfort and decreasing the need for air conditioning.

If you're looking to transform the look and feel of your lawn, sod is the solution. You simply need to contact us and you'll have a stunning lawn in no time.