Sod Installation During Florida Summers

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Orlando Sod InstallationSummer is upon us. That means the kids will be out of school soon, tourists will visit Orlando more frequently, and the beach will be nearly everyone’s favorite destination. For those who are looking at their yards and thinking of how nice it’ll be for barbecues and pool days, you might think to yourself: that sod needs to be replaced.

Of course you want a beautiful yard that you and your family can enjoy during the summer months. And a proper sod installation can help your yard really stand out. Installing sod over the summer, however, can be tricky to do. This is why you need a professional team like the one at Ground Source to install your sod the right way.

Here are some of the challenges of installing sod in the summer, and how we can help overcome them to give you the best lawn in your neighborhood:

  • We fight the heat. As you can guess, the extra heat of the summer can really put a damper on sod installation. We know how it affects the sod, so we know how to fight it. First, it starts with water. We keep the new sod moist as we lay it down. This prevents the sod from going into “shock” and helps it adapt to its new place in your yard.
  • We bring the water. Keeping your new sod watered is the biggest factor in helping it grow. We know this, which is why we have irrigation experts on our staff who will do an analysis of your irrigation system to make sure it is functioning properly. We can fix any bad heads, possible or current leaks, and do so efficiently so your sod doesn’t wait between being placed and being watered.
  • We help you save. One of the other disadvantages of hot weather is evaporation. New sod needs to be watered daily, at times twice a day, to properly grow its roots. We can help create a plan to maximize your watering without maxing out your wallet. We can also offer other irrigation solutions that might cost you some upfront, but will save you tremendously over years.

Some sod installation companies might be scared of installing sod in the summer; some might not know how to handle the installation process in the heat. Not Ground Source. We have the expertise to give you a beautiful new yard at any point in the year. Call us now for an appointment and a free estimate today.

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