Sod Installation Steps for New Lawns

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Getting sod delivered is one of the best ways to establish a new lawn on your property. Installing it is easier than you'd think, and you'll soon have a lawn that's the envy of all your neighbors. Here are the steps to getting that sod installed and established.

Step One: Measure the Space

Sod InstallationBefore you think about ordering sod, you'll need to think about how much you'll need. Measure the area that you're looking to cover and add a little extra to allow for overlapping or any mistakes made during the installation process. When you have the right amount of sod on hand, it makes the installation much more painless.

Step Two: Buy Your Sod

Now you need to buy your sod. You can order from several different outlets, both online and in brick and mortar stores. Wherever you get your Orlando sod delivery from, you'll need to let them know whether the lawn will be in shade or the sun, as this will affect the type of sod you'll get. Ideally, the sod you buy will be cut and delivered to you within 24 hours, and ready for installation on the same day.

Step Three: Remove Any Existing Grass

If there's any grass still in the area you're hoping to cover, now's the time to remove it from the land. The best way of doing this is with a sod cutter, which will be able to cut the grass out below the roots, stopping it from growing back. You can usually rent these if you don't own one, and avoid having to buy lots of tools you'll only use once.

Step Four: Prepare the Surface

Now that the ground is clear, you'll need to prepare the land for installation. Use a rototiller to loosen the soil, and then use a high rake to level the ground out. The better you prepare the land, the better your new sod will look and take to its new home.

Step Five: Lay the First Row

The best way to put down your first row is to look for the longest straight line in the area. In many cases, this will be a fence. Lay your first row of Orlando sod down along this line so that you can keep it straight the whole way down. Be sure to rake out any footprints, and pat down any bumps along the way. Getting this line right is important, as it'll act as the starting point for the rest of your lawn.

Step Six: Lay Additional Rows

Now, you'll need to lay the other rows in a staggered fashion, as you would with bricks. This will keep the seams looking natural and avoid them drying out. Lay them down in this fashion for the remainder of the yard and cut out holes for sprinkler systems and corners in your yard.

Step Seven: Water Your New Lawn

Sod InstallationNow that the lawn is down, you need to water it thoroughly. Watering will help the sod bed down properly. It is essential to keep all foot traffic off the lawn for at least a week, and water it every day. It's best to water in the morning so that you can avoid fungal issues.

Step Eight: Mow the Lawn

Keep an eye on the growth of your new lawn. Once it hits three inches in growth, it's ready to be mown. Take it down to two inches and use a walk behind mower. Your lawn is still fragile, and you don't want to damage it with a ride on mower. Once it's grown back, it's time to fertilize it with a starter fertilizer to replace any nutrients lost through the initial watering process.

Get A Perfect Lawn with Sod

The best way to get a new lawn is with Orlando sod. It's quick, easy, and simple to care for. If you follow these steps, you'll have a lawn that's perfect, and ready to stand up to anything you'll use it for.

Now's the time to pick up some high-quality sod, and get it laid down before the cooler weather comes in. Come next year; you'll have a stunning lawn.