Sod Removal and Family Time

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If you are planning to have a new landscape, removing your sod would be the first step. Removing sod would be a bit of a task - actually, you would need to put your back into it - but it's not something that an average person can't do.

You can make removing your sod a family affair. You can get the kids to help you out. This way the more backs and hands working to take out the sods, the faster you can get the work done.

For removing sod you need to have the right gardening equipment. A spade, a sharp one preferably or a sod cutter, and don't forget to wear your gardening gloves. Protection against the elements should also be put into priority.

Since you would be spending some time out under the sun, make sure that you wear a hat, rub on some sun screen lotion and sunglasses to protect your eyes from glare. Make sure that you have refreshments handy. You can become dehydrated from heavy work and long-time exposure under the heat of the sun.

To make removing of sod a little easier loosen up the ground by watering it a few days before you go through the process. With the use of your spade or sod cutter, whichever of the two you have handy dig out the sod.

You can cut the sod into square blocks. You can make an opening with your sod cutter or spade on one side so you could slip it in under at least digging three inches below the sod layer.

For sods cut out into squares then you can use a shovel to scoop them from under. After your hard labor of removing the sod, you should clear out rocks, roots and insects. You may need to replace the topsoil.

Redesigning your landscape is hard work but can be fun as well. This can be a way to spend some quality time with your family and have work done on your lawn easier and faster.