Sod Removal & Installation in Orlando, Florida

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Sod installation is the fast and easy way of setting up a lawn for your home. With our professional Orlando sod installation, we can establish an average sized backyard in a few hours as well as enhance your home's beauty and improve your outdoor space.

Lush grass indicates that you take pride in your property. The feel and sight of rich grass is also a comfort to your friends and family. While numerous people attempt to conduct DIY sod installation, it frequently yields disastrous results.

To do it right, it takes a company like ours, which has considerable experience. If you reside in Orlando, consider Orlando sod delivery. Here's how you can benefit from our professional installation.

How You'll Benefit from Our Professional Installation

  • You'll obtain the best grass variety

Orlando sod installation

Too often, DIY installers have no clue what kind of turf to select. They might base their choice solely on cost or the appearance of a particular type of grass, not recognizing that some grass varieties might not thrive in drier conditions or regions with intense direct sunlight exposure throughout the day. Sun, shade, soil type, maintenance, and irrigation preferences are important when selecting the ideal grass for your sod.

Regardless of how well you carry out the installation, if you purchase a variety that isn't well suited to your land, it will appear sickly or die. We advise all of our clients to take the time to research the best grass for their lawn and needs. If you're uncertain of the best choice for your lawn, you should consult with our sod experts. When you invest in professional Orlando sod installation, you ensure quality work.

  • Correct land prepping

Adding sod isn't a guarantee that you'll have a lush, healthy, and lasting lawn. It's crucial that proper land prepping occurs for your new lawn in order for it to take hold and remain healthy. While the sod might appear great during the initial installation, if the appropriate preparation doesn't occur, it probably won't be around in a year. Old grass might need removal, and some grasses, such as Bermuda and Torpedo are extremely stubborn. Therefore, our expertise is necessary to remove them permanently.

Additionally, if the soil isn't prepped appropriately, your new sod might never grow into the lush lawn you desire. This means going beyond loosening the soil or tilling it. Our professionals might also need to test your soil's pH and examine the levels of phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium to establish the kinds of grass that will grow best at your site. Appropriate density and nutrient balance enable the growth of healthy roots. Certain compact soils might require topsoil or sand mixed in, while rocky soils might need more nutrients and compost.

  • Experience with installation

Like most homeowners, you probably have minimal or no experience when it comes to laying sod. This means you could encounter problems during installation. If your yard is flat, small, and doesn't have numerous trees, installing sod could be comparatively easy.

However, laying sod on a huge lot or one that has curved hardscaping, sloped areas, or other challenges might need professional experience to attain the desired outcomes. Our professional sod installers have completed numerous projects over the years, and we have the expertise to prepare the site and install the turfgrass for an ideal fit for your property.

  • We have the necessary tools

professional sod installersDIY installation requires that you purchase or rent the required equipment. You will need a sod cutter, rototiller, hand tamper and numerous other tools to prepare your lawn and lay the turfgrass appropriately.

Most homeowners spend between $421 and $670 on equipment for DIY projects. Our professional installers have the necessary equipment and tools, and we factor their use into your overall Orlando sod costs.

When you compare the costs of hiring a professional crew to the cost of doing it yourself, ensure you factor in the equipment expenses and the value of your time.

New sod is a considerable investment, so ensure you engage professional services to obtain quality work. You'll discover professional installation is worth the money.