Solutions for Small Space Landscapes

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Landscaping for small spaces takes a different approach from that used in large yards, as you have to increase each element's impact to the maximum level. Here are some practical tips for having a practical and eye-catching landscape in a small space:

  • Consider using some professionals for hardscape. When you are dealing with a small space, any detail counts so a bad job will stick out.
  • Have one single theme, and make it good. You can't have it all, but at least you'll have it good. Try to blend everything together. The hardscape surfaces should seem part of the house, so build them in the same style and using the same type of materials, paying attention to details that can make some elements of the house and the hardscape surfaces fit together. Take also into consideration the way your garden will find its place in this scenery and try to limit as much as possible the variety of plants.
  • Plan everything using a vertical scale. Don't think on a horizontal way, as the space can't help, but try to push everything up. Make your yard look more spacious by using vertical accents.
  • Attract attention. You can distract the eyes by creating a focal point and it doesn't have to be something spectacular or big. A simple, beautiful, special tree can be the centre of attention, or you can use some beautiful materials for paving or other structures. This focal point could be used as a destination that makes you forget about the small space. You can also split your space into different rooms, which, if they are kept simple but have other usage or send a different message, can create the impression of a larger space.
  • Soften the corners, as they don't look natural. Try as much as possible to disguise sharp corners, creating a feeling of nature in your garden.

And probably the most important advice is to plan everything in advance. You have t consider you space as a puzzle, so every piece has to be in its right place, paying attention to details.