Sprinkler Placement Tips: How to Keep Your Lawn Green

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If you desire a lush, green lawn, proper watering is essential. While operating a lawn sprinkler might appear easy, if you don't use the best kind for your lawn or use it appropriately, you're likely to end up with dry, brown grass patches.

Bear in mind that incorrectly placed sprinklers could leave brown spots in the lawn and result in needless water usage. Consequently, we advise you to implement the most effective sprinkler layout that ensures every area is watered efficiently and evenly, saving you money in the end.

It's also important you consider numerous factors when planning a sprinkler system, including your yard's slope, the kind of plants growing there, and average speed of the wind. Fortunately, our experts at Orlando sprinkler installation will advise you accordingly. Consider these tips if you want to maintain a green lawn.

Design Principles

sprinkler placementThe best design for your sprinklers offers complete and even irrigation over the entire lawn. Most sprinkler designs implement an overlapping layout because the water volume the sprinkler deliver reduces as the distance from the sprinkler's head increases.

When it comes to the open areas in the lawn, it's best you use uniformly spaced sprinklers placed at regular distances from one another. The lawn's edges and other unevenly shaped spots frequently need sprinklers with changeable arcs to offer irrigation coverage without water wastage on the buildings' sites or paved areas.

Square Spacing

The installation of sprinkler heads adopting a square layout occurs in groups of four with every head placed at an equal distance apart in the square shape. Sprinkler heads in this layout seek to produce overlapping irrigation areas.

This way, the spray from every sprinkler head reaches those closest to it. This kind of layout works best in comparatively flat yards with huge open spaces. The perfect distance between every sprinkler head is about equal to the distance from the sprinkler's head to the spray's edge.

Triangular Spacing

At Orlando sprinkler installers, we use triangular spacing in spots with an irregular shape or near your lawn's edge. This layout puts sprinkler heads at an even distance in the equilateral triangle shape. The best spacing for sprinkler heads in this layout is equal to 55 or 60% of the diameter of the spot the sprinkler covers when functioning.

Sprinkler Installation

Although you can install a sprinkler system yourself, it takes more than a day and you have to know what you are doing. It needs accurate calculation of pressure and spatial measurements and some technical skill. A common mistake is not putting the heads close enough. Remember, the sprinkler heads must be able to spray far enough to reach adjacent heads. This is head-to-head coverage and the overlapping region is necessary for producing a consistent water delivery to the lawn.

Hiring a professional from Orlando sprinkler repair is the best approach to take though you should still be proactive when it comes to installation. We recommend you have a fundamental understanding of how your sprinkler system functions can help you troubleshoot any future issues and decrease the probability of spending considerable money on professional repair.

Rectangular Areas

For rectangular spaces, begin by placing your sprinklers in the corners, including more along the perimeter if needed. For instance, a 30-by-60-ft lawn can use 30-foot rotors in every corner and in the center of every long side. For an area that's wider than the heads can hit, place a sprinkler head in the center of the lawn.

Irregular Areas

Odd-shaped regions need some more fine-tuning. Use sprinkler heads with adjustable-pattern nozzles. You might need to include a head with a different spray radius to cover the area fully. If you can't eradicate overspray, decrease it as much as possible and ensure it won't cause damage to your fences, siding, or other surfaces that shouldn't be exposed to excess moisture.


sprinkler placementSprinklers adopting the square or triangle spacing techniques are ideal for open areas with sprinklers that spray water in an even and complete circle around the sprinkler's head. Sprinklers with a restricted arc are ideal for your yard's border to ensure you don't waste water on paved ground or buildings.

For these sprinklers, you should set them facing in toward your lawn with their spray arc set to cover the lawn in front to without spraying outside your lawn. Don't irrigate areas less than 8ft wide using a sprinkler; this is typically impractical. Consider filling that spot with landscaping shrubs instead.

The objective of including a sprinkler system is to have a green lawn. If you don't install your system or calculate the spacing properly, you'll end up with dry spots because of under watering while other areas will show signs of overwatering. Fortunately, we have the expertise of installing sprinklers if you don't know how to go about it.