Three Sprinkler Repair Tips You Can Do At Home

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Your sprinklers are an essential part of your yard, as they keep your plants and lawn irrigated and healthy. You want to keep them working well no matter what, so it's irritating when something breaks down. Here are 3 repair tips you can do yourself if you're experiencing issues, direct from the best Orlando sprinkler installers.

1. Unclogging Your Sprinkler Heads

sprinkler repair tipsYou can tell quite easily that your sprinkler heads are clogged up. They'll spray unevenly, the spray will be interrupted, or they just won't spray at all. This usually happens as grass clippings and debris from rainstorms make their way into the sprinkler head and clog it up.

Many people think that the sprinkler should be self-cleaning, as it sprays water out. Every now and then though, it will need some maintenance. If there's only a small amount of clogging going on, it's a quick fix. Simply take a piece of stiff wire, such as a folded out paper clip, and clear out the hole. If it's worse than that though, you can give it a thorough cleaning. Take the head out of the sleeve, soak it in clean water, then use wire to clean it. Once you put it back into place, it should spray properly.

2. Fixing A Broken Sprinkler Head

A sprinkler head should pop up at the right time, ready to spray water. if it doesn't do this, it may have taken damage. This can often happen when it's clipped by a lawnmower, or damaged by other landscaping tools. Luckily though, these are an easy fix.

All you need to do is unscrew the head off the broken sprinkler head, and then screw on a new, working head. It should be simple to find a new head if you unscrew the old head first and take it to the store. The staff should be able to help you find an exact match.

Be aware that with some models, you may need to dig down a little to get at the sprinkler head, so be ready for this when you're looking to remove the old head.

3. Mending A Stuck Valve

If your sprinkler head is still running after it's meant to have shut off, that could mean that there's a stuck valve somewhere. This can be caused by blockages, such as a small stone or dirt, that's got into the valve. This happens quite easily when there are rainstorms that wash debris into the valve. Also, grass clippings can easily find their way in there and block it up. That means that the water will just keep running, as it can't shut off again. There are two valves for a sprinkler system, one at each end. Check them both to find the problem.

Unscrew the solenoid, which is a cap on the right side of the valve, let the water run through and then screw it back on. Sometimes, this can fix the problem. If it doesn't, you can turn off the water, unscrew the top of the valve and scrape out the blockage manually. Screw it all back together and test it again. Most of the time, that should be enough to fix the problem.

Calling In The Experts

Sprinkler Repair tipsThese are the most common problems when it comes to your sprinkler system. As you can see, they can be easily resolved with a little work. Sometimes though, you won't want to try and do it yourself. Maybe you're unsure what the problem is, or you don't feel you have the skills to do it yourself. Perhaps it's just too big a job for you on your own.

If this is the case, we here at GroundSource can help you. We're the leading Orlando sprinkler repair company, and we can help you with any issue, big or small. Give us a call and let us know what you need, and we can come and fix your sprinklers for you.

It's important to have your sprinklers up and working, especially with the warmer weather right around the corner. These tips will help you get your sprinklers working again when needed. If these tips aren't enough to fix it, you know where to call!