Is Your Sprinkler System In Peak Condition?

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Sometimes it is hard to know if your sprinkler system is actually working to the best of its ability. There are some obvious tells, of course, such as dry,brown or yellow spots, or having the timer malfunction. On the other hand, problems like water pressure, or a sprinkler head not getting proper coverage can also cause problems, but would be difficult for anyone other than an expert to figure out. Accurate watering is an essential ingredient to having a healthy lawn. I say accurate because over watering can also cause major damage to a lawn. Our irrigation team here at Ground Source wanted to give you a few tips to ensure proper sprinkler maintenance or if you need to give us a call for a irrigation repair job.

  • If you can see any water bubbling from under the grass, or puddles forming, seemingly out of nowhere, then there is a problem with your water line and that not only can hurt your plants, but your wallet, too!
  • Sprinkler heads often break due to landscapers or just normal wear and tear, but they can also get burried over time by grass, mud, or dirt. If any of your heads are having difficulty popping up or are not fully in-tact this should be repaired immediately.
  • Checking your valve box is something you should be doing on a regular basis as well. Often times, animals like to get into them and can cause damage to the wires, causing them to malfunction. If there is water in the box, then it is also likely that you could have leak or a broken valve or water line.
  • Make sure to replace batteries in your controller as well as making sure that all settings are how they should be so that your lawn is getting watered appropriately.

If you find any of these problems in your system, be sure to get them repaired, as they can cause damage over time and ruin your lawn, or even cost you money every single time that it runs. Our team of irrigation repair experts would love to help you ensure your lawn is as beautiful as can be so give us a call!