Ten Beautiful Plants For Your Orlando Landscape Design

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So you resodded your beautiful new backyard, and now you want add some color and variety. Fortunately, there are plenty of flowers indigenous to Central Florida that will make your landscape pop. All of the flowers on this list are perennials. Keep your Orlando landscape design lively and colorful for years to come by planting one or more of the these plants.

Orlando Landscape DesignCanna Lily

The Canna Lily grows quickly, and in some cases can reach heights of almost 6 feet. The plant adapts very well to most soil types, and tends to attract butterflies. The Canna Lily does best in direct sunlight, and requires a fair amount of water. The Canna Lily is a great addition to any Orlando landscape design.

Orlando Landscape DesignCrinum Lily

The Crinum Lily does not require too much water, and can fall victim to over watering. Crinum Lilies prefer slightly acidic and alkaline soil, and do best in ample sunlight. Don't be surprised if you find a caterpillar or too on you Crinum Lilies.

Orlando Landscape DesignPurple Coneflower

Purple Coneflowers max out around 3 feet tall, and grow at a medium rate. The lavender-pink flowers can bloom anytime between the spring and early fall (April - September) depending on when they are planted. Wildlife love Purple Coneflowers, so look out for butterflies and hummingbirds.

Orlando Landscape DesignBlanket Flower

The Blanket Flower looks like something that might grow in the southwest, and like a southwestern plant they don't require much water. Blanket Flowers do grow very quickly, and prefer sandy earth, or loam. As you may have guessed, blanket flowers have a high tolerance for droughts.

Orlando Landscape DesignTwin Flower
Twin flowers are one of the smaller varieties of plants on this list, maxing out just over a foot tall. Despite their small stature, the twin flower is pretty adaptive to any types of soil, and don't require a ton of water. They do however crave sunlight. The twin flower blooms all year round.

Orlando Landscape DesignBlue Flag Iris

The Blue Flag Iris loves water, and thrives in wet areas. It is also one of the taller plants on our list today, with the potential to max out around 7 feet tall. Blue Flag Iris only need partial sunlight, and they hardly tolerate droughts. Look for Blue Flag Iris to bloom in the Spring. The Blue Flag Iris will stand out in any Orlando landscape design.

Orlando Landscape DesignBlack Eyed Susan

The Black Eyed Susan is a classic variety of flower and probably one of the most familiar plants on this list, meaning you've probably seen one in an existing Orlando landscape design. The won't make it through a hurricane, but other than that, they are pretty resilient. Black Eyed Susans will make home in any soil type, but will need a lot of sunlight. Like Canna Lilies and Purple Coneflowers, the Black Eyed Susan will attract some wildlife.

Orlando Landscape DesignGoldenrod

Goldenrods love growing in sandy earth, and tend to flower during the summer and the fall. The plants do well in direct sunlight, but can survive in partial. Goldenrods are famous for their correlation hayfever, so if you are prone to allergies, steer clear. Birds and butterflies love Goldenrods.

Orlando Landscape DesignRain Lily

Rain Lilies are very small (under 1 foot), fast growing plants that can flower in all sorts of colors, such as white, red, pink, and yellow. Rain Lilies grow all over Florida, and typically bloom in the spring though some will rebloom in the fall.

Orlando Landscape DesignSwamp Sunflower

As you may have guessed, the Swamp Sunflower does well in Central Florida. Another classic flower, the Swamp Sunflower grows very quickly and blooms in the fall, when most of the other plants on this list are dying off. Keep in mind, your Swamp Sunflowers will most definitely attract birds.

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