The Basics of Landscaping Your Home

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The landscape of a yard can make the price of real estate go up or down. The fact that a house has a garden or a yard already adds value in itself but having a badly made garden can actually horrify potential buyers. We cover some Orlando landscaping ideas.

landscaping ideas

So how does one landscape a home? Well, landscape architects will always insist on having them on board before a home is built. But it's mostly because they also want first dibs on how they'd want you to experience the actual landscape itself. Meaning the walk from the front lawn to the door and don't forget the garden. Just how many appreciate sitting outdoors?

So many things are at play when landscaping. Your budget, the climate of your location, the taste of the homeowner and the function of your yard or lawn plays a significant factor. But surely, there are some basics to it.

Always be considerate of the different seasons. How will your garden look like during winter, spring, summer and fall? It's always best to have flowers and fruits in spring and summer, beautiful foliage during the autumn, and don't forget how bare everything is during winter.

The first thing that pops into one's mind when it comes to landscaping your garden is flowers. If you plan on having them, and I am sure you do, always plant flower beds in three rows. The back rows have the tallest plants, middle row has the second tallest plants and the front has the shortest.

Usually, trees form the back row, flowers on the front row, and shrubs in the middle. Don't just fill your garden with flowers. Have the flowers up front and lush green shrubs to add texture and to make your flowers pop.

Then add walls and fences to protect your property, and consider other designs such as bird baths, gazebos and benches. Always consider how much water you can share to your garden before getting ambitious with it. But not all landscaping is expensive.

You can still have a low-maintenance garden or yard if you wish. Simplicity is always a great feature to have with a beautiful garden. Plants that can withstand heat and drought might also be a plus during times of water shortage or the summer. So get ready to explore because now you know the basics!