There is More Than One Way to Remove Sod

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There are four ways to remove sod and be on your way to having the garden of your dreams. Just think of all the vegetables you could grow or the exotic herbs you can plant to spice up those everyday dishes! And imagine the look of envy the neighbors will get if you start planting long stemmed rose bushes?

There are so many reasons why you should start putting on those gloves and hat and put the sod in your garden to good use. So here are some ways for you to remove sod. Choose the best or the most convenient ways for you.

The first option is to dig. The good side about digging is that once done, you can start planting. So if you're off in a hurry and excited to start planting then go on and dig, uproot the topsoil. The good thing is you won't need any chemicals or power tools.

Imagine all the money you can save for your little flower or vegetable bed project. But the down side is that this will take some time, and digging also allows weeds to invade your garden, and you have to add organic compost because that too gets removed when digging. Always remember to wet the soil a few days before and to sharpen your spade before digging.

The second option is to till the soil. The nice thing about tilling is that it retains organic matter. It's quicker and easier than digging manually with a spade and it also allows you to plant at once. Tilling will be quite difficult for rocky, wet or clay soil types and it also turns up weeds. But at least your arms, back and knees won't be aching from all of the hard work. You could reserve that for the planting!

Smothering or covering grass with plastic doesn't require any physical effort, plus the organic matter stays in place because no soil is disrupted. You just have to wait until the grass dies which takes some time. But this method could kill good organisms for your plants.

Compared to the rest, the easiest would be using herbicides. The downside is you can kill other plants and this is harmful to you and the environment.

So which way is the best way? That's now all up to you, green thumb!