Three Reasons Your Property Can Use a Retaining Wall

Of all the features that you could add to your yard, aretaining wall is perhaps one of the most crucial and probably the most aesthetically pleasing. After you install sod on your Orlando property you will find yourself adding even more landscaping and hardscaping features, so what is a retaining wall to you and what can it bring to your property? It starts with creating depth and a sense of interest.

Beyond the Sod ? Create Depth in Your Orlando Yard

Retaining walls are functional, but they also look good. Take a low retaining wall; for example; you can use it as a planter bed to create a beautiful flower garden for your yard. One of the most common tricks homeowners and owners of commercial property use is layering, which establishes a stair stepping effect that allows you to place a different element on each step. This method also brings depth to the yard, drawing the eye from one level to the next. While it?s more work and can be costly, it helps bring the space to life and make it more memorable. One of the most significant decisions that you will make apart from the types of plants you want to use is the type of material for the retaining wall. Many property owners immediately opt for concrete, but pavers are a much better option as they do not readily break and the cost of repair is minimal.

Erosion Control

If you have a hilly or sloped area on your property, you are open to the risk of a landslide. High winds and heavy rain can cause earth movement and soil shifting which leads to erosion.It might happen slowly over time, or it could happen quickly. Either way, it presents a problem that you must deal with as it can destroy your hardscaping and damage your sod.
However, you might not want to get rid of the hill entirely, or maybe it is integral to the surrounding landscape. In either case, it is essential to avoid future disasters. A retaining wall will contain and keep unwanted soilfrom collapsing onto your landscape. You can see examples of soil retainers in many projects from homes to road construction and other large-scale projects. Keeping dirt in place can be the saving grace of many landscaping projects, so don?t let it go by the wayside when you have your space designed.

An Important Part of Your Hardscaping

Retaining walls can be an essential part of your hardscaping efforts. They are functional in that they keep your soil from eroding, but they also serve as an aesthetically pleasing augmentation to your yard. Most importantly, they tend to reward you with more space to display flowers, lighting, or even other hardscaping features that you wouldn?t have been able to place otherwise.
Adding a retaining wall to your property, residential or commercial is as easy as calling the right landscaping company. At Ground Source, we have been carrying out this type of installation for many years and we will not only handle yours with ease but will be able to make it last. For more information and to get a quote on your landscaping job, feel free to give us a call and see just where you want to take your lawn. It starts with sod installation, and from there only becomes more complicated ? let us handle everything!

Meta Description: After you complete sod installation in your Orlando yard, you might want to consider building a retaining wall - it will save you a lot of trouble!