Tips for Paver Maintenance and Repair

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Here in Orlando winter conditions don't really affect our pavers they same way they might in the north. There is no snow to shovel, and no ice to melt. Fortunately, this is excellent news for your pavers. Shovels often scrape pavers, and salt can cause quicker erosion. Find out tips for paver maintenance and repair

While your pavers are safe from two of the greater threats to their well being here in Orlando, there are still certain precautions you can take to promote their longevity and their beauty.

paversHow You Wash Your Pavers

Your pavers will almost definitely get dirty at some point or another. Maybe a hard storm will wash some dirt from your lawn on top of the patio, or maybe you will drop some food on it during a BBQ. Either way, how you remove the filth from your pavers may determine their lifespan. Breaking out the power washer and pressure cleaning your pavers every time you see some dirt will shorten the lifespan of the stones. Reserve pressure washing for cleaning deep stains and grit out of the paver once or twice a year.

Dealing with Moss and Weeds

It is possible for moss to grow between your pavers, especially in the tropical climate of Central Florida. Moss isn't particularly harmful to the pavers, but can be a nuisance if you don't like the look or feel. Be careful when pulling moss from between your pavers, as there is a chance that you may pull out grout, or filler along with it. Accidentally removing the grout or filler could potentially cause a shift in your pavers, or potentially a loose brick. Keep this in mind while weeding pavers as well.

Replace Loose Pavers

Due to natural erosion and rainfall, the shape of your pavers will naturally change over time. If you should notice a loose paver, maybe due to a chip, it might be worth replacing. A loose paver has the potential to rattle around and harm other pavers. A loose paver is also a potential hazard to humans, providing unstable ground. When extracting the errant paver, be careful not to damage the surrounding stones. This is one of the most important aspects of paver maintenance.

Fix Sinking Pavers

Sinking pavers may be an indicator of a structural issue underneath the surface. If you see a cluster of three sinking pavers today, it very well could be a cluster of ten sinking pavers tomorrow. Sinking pavers are a symptom of a greater problem. Often this will be a larger job and more complicated to fix, though necessary. Note: Sinking pavers can occur over time, even if the ground was properly leveled.

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